blog of blake

Hey, welcome, hi, whatever. I want this to be my personal blog about my life, adventures, friends, school, etc. Mainly it’ll just be categories on the right with children (subcategories) about different main topics that branch out to include all kinds of other stuff. This will probably be a constant work in progress (WIP), so I can keep changing, adding, subtracting, playing with layouts and stuff when I feel like it, figuring out what I want my blog to be all about, linking from my website and stuff (which is also pretty much a big WIP that I don’t have time for). But anyways, I really want this to be a general personal blog for whoever to be able to read, if they want to. I’ll post when I can and if I can, and I hope that’ll be good. It’ll be good for me, since it’s personal stuff, so I won’t have to worry about keeping up an audience. It’s my life recorded, so I don’t need to depend on spectators, just to write it down and enjoy what reads I do end up getting. Anyways, so that’s what this is going to be all about. You’ll find out more about me as I post stuff, so enjoy if you come read. Bye :).


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