All of you bloggers out there, pay attention!  This site is an archive of widgets for WordPress, Typepad, Blogger, even Myspace blogs and more.  There’s a free membership required to use the widgets, and there are all kinds of them available.  The biggest drawback for me was, since I use WordPress for this blog, I will need to purchase the $15 Custom CSS Upgrade from the company to be able to customize my layout with extra widgets from this site.  Blogger, however, doesn’t require a payment to customize CSS code, and theme editing is available right from the start in the control panel for bloggers (using Blogger, haha).  As for the other services mentioned above (and even more on the website), I don’t know because I have never used those, so I’m not sure about their allowances on theme editing and layout customization.  If it’s possible: go for it; if not: there’s an alternative, be it using a different blog service or just not using widgets that aren’t provided by the service you’re on.

Link: Widgetbox.com


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