The Crüxshadows

I’ve always been slightly out of place when it comes to the goth, cyberpunk, or industrial underground scenes, or anything similar to them. I’ve always liked the styles, but no way on myself. There’s something in the feeling of all the dark colors and the shadows, I don’t really even know how to describe what the whole thing means, since I don’t really know, but there’s something very intriguing about it, and something soothing and comforting. Anyway, today I discovered a band called Crüxshadows while perusing through YouTube, and decided I’d take a look at their website. I went and looked around, they had some pretty cool sounding track samples playing on their site, I looked through a gallery of a show they did, and found thei biography page. The site was pretty well thought-out; the music player was in its own frame at the top so no matter where you click, the music keeps playing, and the menu was horizontal on the top and bottom of each main page, which is convenient and simple, but lots of websites miss it. I read about how they have made a huge impact and become “One of the most popular Darkwave bands internationally,” which alone impressed me, also saying they’ve been together for 15 years. There is an impressive band history and good music, but the thing that got me excited was the individual biographies, by each member, of themselves. Almost every single one of them said in their “Dislike” section that they disliked dishonesty, insincerity, liars, and things similar to that, along with their own personal musings. I was glad to see that the entire band shared the same ideology when it came down to morals like that. They’re things we deal with every day, but the biographies of these people, and their personalities that came through in those biographies, were clearly something that I would love to be some kind of part of. After I read the biographies to myself, I sat back almost in slight awe, and thought, “Now, these are some people to look up to.” My personal favorite is the bio of Rouge (the first picture), who by the way has probably the craziest hair I have ever seen, reminds me actually of a more maybe grungy version of Robert Smith’s crazy hair (from The Cure). Read them for yourself (click on the images) and see what you think:


One Response to “The Crüxshadows”

  1. Nice blog, mate. And loverly Goth girls. Say no more.

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