Am I Lazy?

I was reading a piece tonight for english we had to react to about dieting and weight-loss programs, it was a persuasive piece, trying to get people to invesitgae fully into a weight-loss program before joining. They said that at the end of the program there is no support for people, and they tend to regain all the weight they lost if not more, and that it is hugely expensive to pay for the program and its support if there is any offered. It’s basically a big scam, and I think it’s pretty pathetic.

My reaction, though, was in my response to a question we had to answer about it after reading it. The question wa, “Is it effective?” My response was “Yes,” and then I went on to talk about how I agreed without having read the piece but it’s nice to have someone reaffirm your beliefs. Then I found myself thinking along the lines of, “Yea, it’s effective, because it reaffirms what I believe, gives me that satisfaction, and best of all, I don’t have to do anything about it, since I’m not trying for any weight-loss programs!” This was a sort of reality check into the “Woah, what am I thinking?” I mean, this person is trying to appeal to my heart and mind about how cruel the companies are who scam people, and just to be really careful about a big life decision like this, it costs tons of money, and I’m thinking I don’t have to do anything because of it!? My reaction is so lazy I’m surprised at myself, I don’t really know why I’m thinking that way, maybe I am just lazy, but are other people thinking this way? I always feel half-guilty when it’s something I could do and don’t, or something I could contribute and don’t, but this, this I don’t have to do anything because it only applies to those interested in weight-loss programs. I guess this way, since I don’t feel half-guilty about anything because this essay doesn’t pertain to me, I feel free, and so I don’t have to contribute, because it’s not a contribution I would make to anybody else, it would be to myself if I was an applicant to a weight-loss program, which I’m not. I’m not sure, but it just feels like I’m lazy, sitting here typing away and thinking that I’m glad I don’t have to feel guilty about the kids in child labor or the parents misunderstanding their troubled teens, because I’m not applying for a weight-loss program, and it’s ok, because it doesn’t concern me. I feel like I should be feeling or doing something more. Maybe that’s the thing, maybe I’m just missing it, or maybe I read it all and feel uncomfortable now, powerless. Now writing this seems like less of an idea to bring something big out into the open – my feelings of freedom and laziness – but more like a shameful admition that yes, I feel lazy and yes, I don’t care. Right now I guess it’s ok, seeing as it’s almost 11:30 here, but considering all the things I guess I could be doing, it seems like more of… I guess it makes me feel guilty, about as much as I would if I were directly affected by this piece of writing. Maybe there’s no difference, only in my initial reaction. I wonder if anybody else felt this way about this piece, maybe other people are just as lazy as I am about this. Or maybe I’m the only one who feels guilty about being lazy. I guess we’ll find out sooner or later, huh? For now, I guess maybe just think about your own reactions to things, be they writing, movies, music, react and then reflect on the reaction, it gets pretty cool, and your entire opinions can change when you realize and analyze why you reacted the way you did, and figure out what you’re feeling about the whole thing. Good luck :).


2 Responses to “Am I Lazy?”

  1. I don’t really think you’re response was lazy. A bit harsh, but I’m inclined to think along the same lines. If people aren’t willing to investigate weight-loss programs before diving into one, and then they get fat again after they lose the weight, there’s really nothing you can do about that. It’s a well-known fact they don’t work. the only way to lose weight is to excercise and get off the American junk food diet. The evidence is all out there, if people don’t want to open their eyes to it its their bathroom scale they’re crushing, not yours.

    It’s very rude sounding when you just come out and say it. I don’t think it should be taken that way. Heck, I feel bad about a lot of other people in the world, people who’re getting land-mined in Africa, kids without homes or in indentured servitude. I feel bad for fat people because food becomes a crutch for them when they have emotional problems, but you can’t really tell them ‘Stop eating that!’ You can’t really tell people ‘Stop killing them!’ either. Personally I think it’s better to try to help people who really need it, not people who’re willing to gorge themselves and spend a load of money on a scam that anyone with a brain cell should know won’t work in the long-term.

    Alright I need to get off my soapbox. I lost my train of thought. Hope what I said made some degree of sense.

  2. I think the consumer mentality of “Oh, this might work,” and “buy into this,” is so engrained into our minds, at least in America, that we can’t help a lot of the time but buy into things like this, and for people who need it, it’s a source of hope for them when they feel like they have none. What I meant by the laziness aspect, and wondering if other people felt the same way, is that I wonder if people are just generally lazier here than maybe someplace else in the world. I wonder if maybe their being lazy makes it their second nature to not research fully, to only find hope on the surface and that makes it enough for them. I just thoguht maybe that they could take it at face value and either not think, or be afraid to think, of what might lie under that surface of what they’ve always wanted: beauty, thinness, perfection. The sad part about it is that eating can become almost like an addiction, or something that’s subconscious, so they don’t realize that they’re constantly eating and gaining the weight they hate, or they simply can’t stop because of the urge or the “addiction,” so to speak. It’s hard to stop something when it seems out of your control, and it’s hard to break free of the nation-wide mentality that we’ve been surrounded by since birth. It’s what the embassy families unintentionally advertise in foreign countries, what America symbolizes to those who have had positive foreign experiences, and the rest, who can look at the country and compare it with its ideals and say, “Wait a minute, why don’t these match up?” It’s a pretty big issue, and maybe I’m “unpatriotic” for saying this, but I don’t care, that’s not the point, the point is that it’s wrong to trick people into hope and then crush that hope to make a buck. That’s what I guess should really come out of the article, that and the idea that people need to research their options fully before deciding, even though it might not be their nature to do so.

    Oh, and good comment, thanks. It helped me clarify what I was thinking about the whole thing too, good.

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