3D Métrages Awards

My friend at school found this site and showed me the video “Delivery” and I was so awed that I had to find the site myself. I emailed the link to myself from school and downloaded all the videos on that page at home and watched them all. They are very, very well done. My favorite is “Delivery” or “In The Rough.” I love “Delivery” for the whole thing, and I love the way “In The Rough” was done, it looks like everything is miniature, but you get the impression that it’s all the same size as you would be in that forest, but somehow it doesn’t really seem like it would be. I think they did a really good job on both of them. “Rockfish” was very good too, probably the most realistic, looks-wise of all of them, and Nox was cool just because of the sequence of monster sizes (you’ll know what I mean once you watch the video), and because of the little twist at the end (again, you’ll know when you watch it). I like the content also for all of them, the very-relevant-to-everyday-life relationship troubles of “In The Rough,” the global topic of “Delivery,” the friendship of “Rockfish,” and the simple thrill of racing-against-time in “Nox.” I love lots of 3D work in general, but these, coupled with their subject matter of each film, take the cake for the (soon-to-end) year. I don’t know what the site says or is about specifically, since it’s in French and I can’t read French, but the videos accompanying it are deserving of an international audience, in my opinion. Maybe I think higher of things I like than I should, and maybe someone will come along to shoot down my awe with some comment about another film being better than any of these, but I still love these short films, and I will still watch them again and again, showing them to friends and family. I would highly recommend watching all of these videos, and even perusing the site for more. I’ve not had the chance to do that yet, but I will as soon as possible, after my life’s chores are done and out of the way. Speaking of which…

Link: http://www.mibhouse.org/pokemon_jojo/Courts-metrages-animation-3d


3 Responses to “3D Métrages Awards”

  1. I remember Rockfish debuted at the Asheville film festival back in 2004. I didn’t see it then but I remember seeing it in the brochure.

  2. I love your wp design, exactly where would you down load it from?

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