Design Meltdown

This site is a really cool site about web design. It’s got some really nice links and samples of work and good and bad design, with articles on different topics, including Music and Band websites, Designer Portfolio sites, and more. It’s cool for me to just browse through the site and check out different links and go through mazes of links and resources that way. I haven’t looked too much at this site, but it does definitely look very cool and very resourceful, even if just in terms of reading material on the topic of web design. With main categories ranging from Color Usage, Design Elements & Techniques, Site Types, Problems & Solutions, and Tutorials all having to do with web design principles and the goal of achieving sexy and successful websites, (in the totally un-erotic way), this is a great site for web designers and coders alike to frequent as much as possible, even if only to keep up their reading skills on the topic. Definitely worth checking out. Enjoy!


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