Onus Art.org

Well here I (Blake) am with another website about two minutes (or less) after my post on the site Design Meltdown. This site, though, is called Onus Art.org and is currently moving to a different server, but their content and design are very attractive and very useful. I found Design Meltdown through here, in one of its many articles. There are also Tutorials, and post categories ranging from computer Applications to Home Decor, JavaScript to Quitting Smoking, and they each have their own RSS feed. I personally wouldn’t subscribe to every single RSS feed, but it is useful to be able to only subscribe to one topic at a time, to filter out what you don’t want to read, but I do think RSS readers can filter out topics or posts themselves. I haven’t had much experience with the matter though, so I wouldn’t be one to ask or talk about it. I really like the design on this site, and with the simple slogan “design lab, productivity tips and photoshop tutorials,” I look forward to its new home. Enjoy the site as long as it’s up, and bookmark the Steel Frog Project website for the future, (that’s their new location-to-be). Enjoy!

Link: http://www.onusart.org/ … soon to be http://www.steelfrog.com/

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