School vs. Job

This is a somewhat minor and somewhat major issue at the moment: I might have to quit my job in order to stay in my film class at school. We can’t shoot during school hours becuase most of the class have full schedules, so it would have to be on weekends and vacations (when I work) and on weekdays after school (if possible). I may be able to get days off, but it would end up being closer to a month off or so, maybe even two months off, and by then the work would have ended anyways. I’m almost thinking I should quit the job just because it would free up time to work on this film project, which is going to be a huge project. We’ll be making a feature-length piece (maybe, but not a short film, most likely) and it will take up most or all of our time outside of school, except hopefully weekdays. I don’t necessarily mind quitting my job, but I am in debt to my parents a bit (I don’t know if I can pay them off yet, there’s a chance that I can though, which would be good), but then it also cuts out any kind of money I can make for myself. Maybe I’ll need to look for a different job. This is not usually what I would post about on here, but who really knows, this is my blog and it is, after all, “my life recorded,” so I guess it’s fine. Anyway, anybody have any thoughts? Go ahead and respond if you feel the impulse.

10 Responses to “School vs. Job”

  1. You could always deal drugs.

  2. I guess that’s true. And I’d have plenty of resources and people to get me into that around here I bet. Not my game though. I’ll stick with leagal stuff to make my money.

  3. LOL. I heartily approve. Did I tell you about the Burr & Burton student who paid $100 for a bag of what he thought was great marijuana at the gas station where all the drug deals go? He took it to school and spent a day bragging about it… and then learned it was a bag of italian herbs.

  4. Haha wow. Nope you didn’t tell me that. Funny story though, a friend of yours?

  5. Thank god no. If I hung out with people like that I’d probably never go anywhere in life.

  6. Yea, that’s probably true. I don’t want to stereotype, but they do tend to stay that way, or worse.

  7. Hey man, totally off-topic, but have you googled Web Comics? Damn these things are awesome. If my puppet idea isn’t feasible, I think I’ll take the scripts and do it as a web comic. Once I get photoshop it should be easy.

  8. I’m going to do a sort of video storyboard for my applied/mixed-media project for a class this semester. My brother had the idea tonight and it was perfect because it combines music, video and 2D graphics in a way that all makes sense. Now I need to find something similar to it as an example. Third block here I come. (No, in response to your question, I haven’t searched web comics but I will sometime in the near future).

  9. Video storyboards are cool. If you ever watch the Hellboy behind the scenes, there were some pretty good ones on there.

    Elaborating on the web comics, I’ve decided to take the puppet idea and go full steam ahead with it as a comic. I’m still in the preliminary stages, but I’ve found a site that’ll host it, and I was wondering if I could hire you to help me with the web design of it when the time comes? I hear it’s easy, but right now I’m clueless when it comes to HTML and web design. This’ll be down the road because I’ll need to put together enough comics to have readily available on a daily basis. Anyway, let me know if you’re interested. The most vital part will be getting a banner ad on the page. The hosting site, Comic Genesis, requires that. Whatever donations from readers I get I’ll cut you a percentage of.

  10. Nice, sure I’d be happy to help. If it’s during the time when the advanced class is going on, it’ll be a little harder for me to do something like that, because of time constraints and stuff, but afterwards would be fine. I’ll try to look at the Hellboy video storyboards as an example of the kind of stuff I want to do. I’m thinking of using The Waiting Room as my story, it’d be a simpler way of making that movie, and it might be cool to try to get a real dramatic effect with it. It would be good on its own, but if I wanted to remake it with live action, then I’d have it all the more planned out. I’ll see about that. For now it’s just focusing on the “now” part of the project.

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