Summer Film

I’m trying to figure out how I’m going to make a movie and take a trip (my sister and I were going to Hawaii for a week or so for a cousin’s wedding and they decided the party was going to be slightly more adult-oriented… probably drinking… than we were allowed to be around, so that trip got canceled, but now our parents said we could each have a small academic/education/something-like-that-related trip to take during the summer) so now I’m trying to figure out if I can go to Florida maybe and work with these filmmakers down there who’ve basically established an online filmmaking community, linking together several forums and making a name for themselves, as well as contacting a pair of twins going to college down there who are really good filmmakers and have a huge background of experience and know-how. I think if I could tap into both of those massive resources for a film project, we’d all convene in Florida for the summer, and we’d make something I’d come up with, I think it could be one hell of a movie. Anyway, so that’s my idea. It’s a bit out there but it sounds crazy enough to work, and if it did, man I’d take it all the way to Sundance. (That’s a really, really big film festival).


11 Responses to “Summer Film”

  1. i registered on stick to what you know. I’m Zebra around there. You will know me by my blood-splattered Bruce Campbell avatar 😉

    Chi Chi TV is bizarre. With boobies, so it’s not all that bad.

    BTW im emailing you a rough synopsis of my sci-fi puppet thing. Need feedback.

  2. I watched up to the censored boobies and I was in school so I was like holy shit and closed it. I haven’t gotten to watching it yet… I have a few videos on my computer I haven’t gotten to watching yet, I should do that in my next spare moment… right. Alright, I just opened the email about the idea, I’ll read and get back to you, and STWYK is awesome! You have to go look around and thoroughly explore that forum, it’s insane the amount of creativity and simple fun these people come up with. Liza’s a genius. Anyway, enjoy, what do you think of the idea?

  3. The boobie idea? I’m all over it. Mmmm. Boobies.

  4. Keep it private maybe… we should let this topic go now I think.


  6. Yes Big Bear Boob’s

  7. Hey Liza, thanks for visiting and thanks for the invitaion. I still have to figure out what my plans are, but thanks for stopping by!

  8. Uh oh. I got caught being a retard, red-handed.

  9. Haha yes you did. Hey, what would you think about rooming in Florida near the production studio where Liza’s based? Then we’d have yet another asset, time for our stuff, jobs and resources, it’d just be far from home. We’d also be ablt to help out rebuilding and stuff around the city where they needed or wanted help. I’ve been thinking about it recently, let me know and we’ll give it some thought.

  10. I’ll e-mail you about it. Sent you the first Pigeon script. Pictures coming soon.

  11. Sweet. I’ll check it out.

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