Film Shoot: World Space Odessy

Well, thanks to a friend and a very willing and very nice other friend, I was able to complete shooting for my short film “World Space Odessy” yesterday, April 8th.  It’s a school project for my media class, using Photoshop and video and combining the two via greenscreening.  It’s going to be a challenge but it’s going to be an experiment, and it’ll be fun too :D.  It took all day long, from about 9:00 drawing storyboards and then setting everything up in my garage, to about 1 when we started shooting, to about 5 when we took it all down and the actors went home.  Very busy day, but well worth the effort.  Here are some shots, check ’em out!


2 Responses to “Film Shoot: World Space Odessy”

  1. Nice. Wish I coulda been there. Cant wait to see the finished product. Keep me posted.

  2. Oh I will. I want to be posted on the finished product… I’m not sure what that meant but I’d like to see it finished really. I’m having CD help troubles at the moment, my guy quit on me so i found another, and I’m hoping he can get me what I need in time. He’s got the time, four full blocks of access to a computer and CG software, and that’s what he’s there for. Hopefully it’ll work out. I’ll keep posting ;).

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