Well… today was a rather traumatic day.  I got in a car accident with a friend, we’re both fine, I’m still shaken up about it, getting better but I still would rather keep my feet on the ground, stay calm, inside, quiet, you know, just no excitement really.  Anyway… I’ve got a gash on the inside of my left arm, by the veins in my wrist, I’ve also got a bruise on my right knee and my left hand.  The car’s front left wheel looked like it was bent off the axle – or even worse, the axle itself was bent out of shape.  We didn’t expect it at all, it happened really fast, I don’t really know why I’m telling people (possibly nobody) about this but I was here posting about something else and decided to mention it.  Anyway… we’re fine, as I said.  My friend got thrown around a little more than I did, hit his jaw on the window and his knees on the glove compartment, and he said the seatbelt held him firmly in his seat and gave him a bruise in his ribs.  But that’s better than something else.  Both airbags deployed and it smelled funny, the smell of the small explosions that released the airbags into the cabin.  We took the rest of the day off work, the car’s at the auto place, will be towed to a place much closer to my house (I was at work about 45 minutes away from home) and my friend and his mom drove me home.  I think, almost needless to say, I’m pretty adverse to driving for a while.  Good thing I’m leaving for vacation in two days, that’ll give me about a week or two to get over it and have fun at my brother’s wedding.  All day today I’ve just been dazed really, since the accident, just like things went on as normal, but yet they’re not quite normal, since we had this crash in the morning around 11.  So I guess I just wait and see what happens with the car and we move on with normal life.  I’m just pretty shaken up, I’ve been in a mood basically for nothing ever since it happened, I’m not repelled from usual habits, I’m just not really attracted to them either, nothing seems intriguing really.  But I think this blogging might be helping and earlier I was reading some articles in Videomaker magazine so that was a good relaxing thing to do I think.  So anyway… right before I leave, at least I’m OK.

In better news… I recently ordered a computer to be used solely for video work, which will be wonderful, and it shipped today so I will have it to put together when I get back from the trip.  It’s going to be a powerful system loaded with the brand new Adobe Production Suite Premium that I co-bought with my parents for graduation.

The ketchup commercial I shot with a friend this past Sunday night, so that’s done as far as shooting goes, now I only have to capture and edit and run it through my new effects program (all to be done on the new computer in a very short amount of time at the very last few hours of the Heinz competition) called After Effects for some last-minute touch-ups and tweaking and finalizing.  I’m looking forward to breaking in the new system and programs… I’ll also use them on various projects I’ve filmed throughout the summer and on a more serious effort I want to make this summer as a trailer for a longer idea so I can make it look finished and professional for pitching to possible investors for when I have a fully-written script.

Lastly, I’ve bought the wood for my new desk I’m going to be making, though that will happen also after I’m back from the trip to Seattle (my brother’s wedding).  It was expensive, but I hope it was worth it.  It looks nice and I’m hoping it’ll come out pretty nice as well.  Anyway… Thanks for reading, whoever did, and I’ll talk more later.  Be safe, have good summers.


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