Stop The Violence

Hey everyone, I met a guy a few months back who’s trying to organize an
effort against Violence in the form of a video collective/group of
YouTube where people can post their videos about violence in their
area, their lives and in general. I’m a part of the group and am almost
done with a nearly 20-minute documentary on the subject of violence at
my old high school. I want to ask all of you to at least join the group
and help spread the word about the group on YouTube. If you can post on
forums, blogs, anywhere, tell friends, whatever, join the group and
tell other people about it. Whoever can record video with a video
camera, still camera, webcam, whatever you’ve got, or even an audio
file with your computer’s microphone, do something to contribute and
post it on the group’s page. There is no definite final product out of
this, just a group of people wanting to stop violence to some degree in
whatever manner they can. So, without any more from me, here’s the
link, and please join the effort:


Blake & The Stop The Violence Group


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