GOOGLE'S TAKING OVER!! Who else is partying?

WOW… THIS JUST IN!!  GOOGLE IS WIRING THE WORLD FOR INTERCONNECTIVITY!!  Or did that already happen?  This just came to my attention via the random little ads on Gmail’s bar above the Inbox’s listing of messages.  It’s quite possibly an awesome idea… yea… just quite possibly.  I really thought this was cool when I read it, and since Google seems to be buying up everything and connecting the world back to itself all the time, not really surprising, just another awesome free thing the cool guys at Google came up with.  Google’s an awesome company, from the little I know about them.  I read an article about them a while back and they were just two young guys and an older, 30-40 year old CEO with experience who run the company.  They just seem laid back, relaxed and finally staying concerned with providing cool, cheap and free services to people around the world.  The ultimate user-friendly network of people.  I think Google’s awesome.  Heh.  But maybe that’s just me.



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