Well it was my first day of college today.  Pretty cool.  I just feel more mature now, just different, cooler, heh.  I remember talking to a friend a while back and him saying that you just feel different when you turn 18.  You just start thinking that you can’t do things you used to do sometimes, you’re different, there’s a different feeling in the air around you.  I know more of what he means now.  It was one of those rare moments you have with someone when they seem completely genuine and deep.  One of those true movie moments (right, true movie, what an oxymoron) that grab you and you go “wow, that was… and you’re speechless in your own head.”  So now I started college.  Officially.  I had English and Sociology.  I think I’m going to like Sociology.  It was pretty good today.  It turns out it’s more of what I find interesting than I’d first thought.  English is so-so, it seems like it’s just going to be an English class, which isn’t bad, it’s just nothing to brag about, and that’s not so hot really.  I think my posting more in the past two days might have something to do with it.  I’m just different feeling, more into life, maybe.  I was sitting at the table with a couple kids my age after classes and we were just hanging out and it just felt like college kids, hanging out, which is typical, when you think about it, to relate to the college experience.  I just felt like we were older now, more us than kids, and it was cool.  Anyway… I’m posting this because I don’t want to fall into the trend of a college guy blog or website that’s all about viral videos and random stuff online, because sometimes that’s cool, but this is supposed to be my personal blog, so I’d like to keep it related to me at least sometimes.  Plus my friends sometimes read these posts, and the more impersonal they become, the less I’m communicating with those friends.  So, enjoy what I do post in league of videos and entertainment, but this is still my blog for me, about me, and it’ll still have those deeper, more life-related posts in it coming whenever I feel the need or urge to get one up.  Thanks for reading, and enjoy the posts to come.


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