A Time To Serve

In the article in TIME Magazine, “A Time To Serve,” the authors (Jeremy Caplan and Kristina Dell) expressed the importance of voluntary service on a national level to preserve and strengthen our Republic.  At the moment, the United States is slumped, morale is low and the general consensus among citizens is that the nation is swaying.  For some reason, many people believe that volunteer service is a left-wing ideology.  However, the founding father, in creating this nation, knew at the time that “A republic, to survive, needed not only the consent of the governed but also their active participation. It was not a machine that would go of itself; free societies do not stay free without the involvement of their citizens” (1).  Essentially, without the people’s help, the Republic will fail.  Caplan and Dell proposed a 10-part plan to advance the country into what they hopefully called a “Greatest Generation.”  The idea is a mix of new and old ideas coming together to form programs and organizations including a new version of F.D.R.’s CCC, a serious effort toward recruiting volunteers and response groups to disasters of all sorts, all over the nation; a baby bond for every baby born that provides them with money for college, business or a home, and even an academy for service workers, where they would “be studying the Federalist papers and learning how to transform a failing public school” (5).  This idea, left-wing or not, is a step toward the advancement of the U.S. society and the world as a whole, taking humanity closer to their goal of equality and reopening the eyes of the people globally, showing and teaching them to care and help one another.  The cost of the effort, since money is always playing a big role in our society, is nothing more than about two to three month’s budget spent on the war in Iraq, per year.  That means that even with a war, we’d be more than sufficiently capable of running all of these programs, fostering new ideas and generating a more humane way of treating and dealing with people not only in our country but around the world, and pulling humanity and our society back up toward the level of Republic and honor and decency that the founding fathers had in mind in their creation of this nation in the first place.  Radical changes are often necessary to achieve worthy results.  “The courageous souls who signed the Declaration of Independence pledged ‘our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor.’ The least we can do to keep the Republic is to pledge a little time” (6).  National well-being – the survival of our Republic – deserves at least this much of a contribution from us.

Link: http://www.time.com/time/specials/2007/article/0,28804,1657256_1657317,00.html


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