Retro DVD Player

I found this sweet tutorial on making an old, retro-looking DVD player.  It’s pretty awesome.  Usually I wouldn’t go for retro-looking things but this is pretty cool.  It looks like an old radio, but it plays DVDs, and I guess somehow you’d hook it up to your TV, which when you know what you’re doing, really wouldn’t be that hard.  And really, this whole project wouldn’t be that hard, depending on how you went about it, but they have DVD players that don’t have little doors or trays, and you could just put your DVD player in a cool looking case and then make the buttons line up with the buttons on the outside, and then hook it up to your TV the way your normally would, and you’d be all set without really doing any work… though finding a DVD player and a retro radio whose buttons matched up would probably be fairly difficult.  It looks like they did some rewiring so that they didn’t have to have the buttons line up on the inside and outside, but they rewired it so the buttons on the outside at least ran through wiring to the buttons on the inside (the player) and did what you were telling it to do.  The coolest thing though, is that they put the little LED that your remote points at when you use it to do something to the player in the front of the retro case so that the remote still works too.  It’s all basic stuff and fairly simple, especially when you know what you’re doing and how some wiring works and whatnot, but I think it’s pretty cool.  It looks cool anyway.  Check it out.



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