Sweet Fight Scene

I found this a few days back online and thought it was pretty awesome.  Very low-budget, they didn’t do any complicated effects, and the production value was only high because of the obvious talent of the two actors.  I watched it and thought “Why aren’t movie fights this cool?”  It can’t be the money, because they obviously didn’t spend much on this, if anything, so what is it?  They can’t find talented enough people?  The choreographer’s aren’t good enough?  This would totally be a crowd-pleaser as a big-budget fight scene, so what’s the deal?  I don’t get it.  I think these guys deserve some applause, just because of their talent, and I know editing can be tedious, especially editing action scenes, but they did a great job in all aspects of this video.  I just wish Hollywood would take a hint from the growing wealth of internet film-related talent and try to step up their game.  I don’t really get why they’re in such a slump right now.  I’ve got a running list going with friends I work with at the movie store, and we’ve discovered so many recent movies that have been remakes it’s ridiculous.  It’s like Hollywood has literally no original ideas anymore, it’s insane.  It’s really not that complicated to come up with something new, I do it all the time.  It might be based on other things, but that’s how we get inspired, so we can’t really help that.  But what’s with continually remaking old movies?  Is it the guarantee of success?  Is Hollywood really so scared that they can’t just take a plunge and go for something new and fresh these days?  I mean there are independent filmmakers out there making movies like Cashback and The Boondock Saints and Bubba Ho-Tep that are really just great films.  What happened to that spirit of making something because it was a great, original idea?  Why don’t they try that anymore in the big-leagues?  Frankly, it’s ridiculous that so many movies these days are unoriginal, I think it’s wrong, really, and it’s getting to the point where I think the internet and rental programs aren’t Hollywood’s only competitors right now, destroying their box-office business; I think it’s them.  If they keep making crappy movies, remakes, things that people have the attitude of “I’ll rent it when it’s out instead of going to the theater to see it,” spending another 5 bucks or whatever, then they’re only killing themselves, and then the independents come as a rise of talent again.  That’s great for the independents, but Hollywood still has a huge market and most of the public’s attention, so how do we find out about Indie films if we’re not looking?  If Hollywood keeps making movies that don’t matter to the public enough for the studios to make the big box-office money they need to pay back their loans, Hollywood’s going to go out of business, and though it won’t happen for a long time, if at all, it paves the way for new indie filmmakers and lots of smaller venues, which can be great.  It can also be seen as a loss of independent thought in the industry that makes up probably close to half of the role models of our teen and pre-teen population.  Hollywood needs to take some chances.  Nothing was ever gained by being safe, but when you let go of your safeguards and go for something that’s really groundbreaking, just because of the newness of the idea, then you really make history.  That’s when people fall in love with filmmaking again.  That’s when people fall in love with the movies again.  I think we need a studio revolution, maybe more than a filmmaking revolution.  Freer thought in the studio will lead to more deals for indie filmmakers, more varied storylines, much more original content in films, and will open doors for casts, crews and all sort of positions in filmmaking for many more people than the current group of near-untouchable elites that actually make things we remember.  And what’s with eh trilogy craze recently?  Just because Lord of the Rings did it means everybody else can make fortunes too?  No, that plays back to the originality idea.  When you make a great movie, don’t go and ruin it by making a crappy couple of sequels like Spiderman, Pirates of the Caribbean, The Matrix and other movies have been doing recently.  Keep the original good idea and let the rest go.  Leave room for others to come in and pick up where you left off, with something else, something new and different, and watch what they come up with, take chances for, and then you take your turn.  I think if we could handle that, we’d be set for a new era of Hollywood filmmaking… where it wasn’t a minority of stares with a monopoly of the industry… it was a huge amount of people involved in making touching and important stories and characters come to life for everyone to revitalize the theaters and remember how to enjoy movies again.  That would be beautiful.  Like the Majestic… kinda…only without the whole Communism scandal.  (If you haven’t seen The Majestic, you should, there’s another great original movie they didn’t make into a trilogy).  Back to the link that got this all started… enjoy the fight scene below.  And any comments are welcome too, this just got me excited so I went on ranting.  Hope you enjoyed it ;).

Link: http://www.break.com/index/amazing-homemade-fight-scene.html

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