Heartfelt Asian Commercial

This I found and thought it was quite interesting.  Very cool that they actually made a commercial that was this powerful, that actually had more of a message than just “buy me” like the typical American ads I usually see.  Sure there can be undertones or sub-messages of morality or something, but this one didn’t even have a product in it.  It cuts out at the very end, so that could be when the product or service gets advertised, but American commercials don’t tend to do that.  I’ve never seen one that did anyway.  The comments below the video also brought a new light into the usually shallow or pointless comments I see on lots of video sharing sites; just the normal “that was cool,” or “weirdo,” or “she’s hot,” or something like that.  This one had some really interesting comments, just people really expressing their reactions in a completely open way, which was a lot different from the usually testosterone-ridden world of viral videos on this site that I’m used to.  Interesting to see that rift in the typical audience I see on the site.  Alright, enough from me, here’s the video, enjoy.

Link: http://www.break.com/index/very-intense-commercial1.html


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