Steampunk Workshop & DIY

This is magnificent.  I was sent the link to this site by a friend who’s into this kind of stuff, and immediately fell in love with the website.  This guy is incredibly creative, brilliant at bringing these style of projects to life and just plain awesome at making tutorials out of them.  Though this tutorial wasn’t quite as detailed or step-by-step as I would have liked, he included quick but interesting videos and plenty of well-lit and photographed pictures of the stages of his creation.  Of course, there is explanation of the process as well.  The fact that this type of stuff is made by amateurs and not only by film crews, and that it’s tutorialized is awesome.  The internet has hit a huge DIY (do-it-yourself_ craze over the past few years, with more and more people discovering and joining the communities like IndyMogul, Threadbanger, and tons of other websites helping people make cheap or free but very effective things from movie props to clothes and computer modifications like this steampunk keyboardInstructables is another site that spreads this knowledge and is an awesome resource for anyone interested in making anything at all, from food to construction projects like bookshelves or lofts in apartments, they’ve got everything, and their database grows daily, with new members, projects and ideas coming out all the time.  There’s even something about replacing a regular pen with the ink replacement tube of one of the most expensive pens out there, writing like a professional businessperson for under $25.  Or something like that.  The most admirable thing I suppose is that people are becoming more and more avid about creating their own stuff and not depending on manufacturers to create it for them.  However, shopping is still the teenage girl’s highest priority oftentimes and the one thing they decide to ask for at almost any given holiday.  It seems the case for my sister, anyway.  The internet is really the best place for this type of effort to go on, since it provides unlimited access to unlimited amounts of people for unlimited amounts of time to… you guessed it, unlimited amounts of ideas and the free exchange of those ideas, information and helpful friends to get each other along the way on their projects.  This steampunk keyboard is only one of tons of DIY projects going on all over the internet – and the world – and is testament to the most admirable part of the dedicated DIYer: their own dedication to their project in taking days, weeks or even longer times to finish something that is essentially different because it’s their own, and because it’s original.  I found this site with the original inspiration to immediately figure out how to create the style of computer setup this guy had began creating with this keyboard, but as I read along through his tutorial, discovering that it became more and more involved, I began to question whether it’d be easier to just buy one.  Of course it would!  But what’s that say about me?  I love DIY projects, I made my own desk for my video computer, I built the computer (put the parts all together) with the supervision of a computer technician/friend of my dad’s, I’ve built camera equipment like a dilly, stabilizer, even a crane, and I’ve built a table in my room, in fact, all of the furniture in my room, aside from the chairs, I’ve built myself.  I’m a huge fan of making things myself, putting my work ethic to work so I can come up with something clean and nice, custom-made to fit my needs and just plain useful.  It’s my own, because I made it.  It’s the satisfaction that way I guess that I like.  But when I looked at this tutorial, seeing how long and involved it must have been, the things he did that seems out of my reach, I wondered whether I’d be able to do it or not.  I wanted to, I still want to, it’s a great project, but now it just seems like one of those projects that I see and love and recommend to people, but when it comes down it, I resign myself to just that, recommending, not following through and pursuing the idea myself.  It seems that a lot of society’s gone to that point too, where we like TV shows that show people famous people, where we want an endless source of information like the internet, blogs, newspapers, magazines, TV, the news, but then what do we actually do with that information?  Just leave it in our head until it either disappears or pops up in conversation?  Is that all we want it for, to bring into conversation and sound intelligent, sound like we have some sort of intellect because of our coincidental knowledge of some resource, some current event that relates to the conversation, the company, at hand?  I know people will say “No, I watch the news to know what’s going on in the world, so I’m an educated citizen,” and fine, I bet you do, and congratulations.  But what do you do with it?  Anything?  Sometimes I think we might just be too hungry for more, without yet developing a purpose for having all the “more” we keep hungering for.  I love watching movies, but why?  To use as inspiration for my own movies?  Sometimes.  Other times just to watch a movie, to enjoy it, to relax, think or just enjoy the ticking of time as I am entertained instead of actively participating in the world and learning or teaching myself more about making my own movies.  And so do most people, I think.  It’s a passage of time that’s entertaining, but other than that, where does it take us?  I guess things like Pangea Day are an effort not only to bridge gaps between nations but maybe to provide purpose for this passage of time watching movies, to give it a reason, a validation, that maybe we’re doing something other than just enjoying the time, maybe we’re trying to understand.  Maybe that’s the whole point.  It’s easy to resign to entertainment, to relaxation and sleep.  But when does that turn into lethargy?  And when does it not only affect out watching of movies, when does it eventually permeate the rest of our lives so that we feel the need to invent and exploit such things as YouTube, WordPress, MSNBC online, and other highly addictive workday distractions?  Maybe information is the addiction of the 21st century, maybe it’s the new wave of things to be cracked down upon with heavy-handedness from the government.  Or maybe it’s just that, a distraction in the workplace.  How do you know when you’ve gone too far?  How do you know when you give yourself up, sacrificed a possible happy project, a truly challenging and thought-provoking project like this steampunk keyboard, and just ticked off the time writing about your self doubt and the doubt of humanity’s willingness to challenge themselves in the face of a more comfortable, relaxing, movie-watching, information-gathering lifestyle.  How do we know when humanity’s gone too far?  Or are we already there?


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  2. Hey, cool tips. I’ll buy a bottle of beer to that person from that chat who told me to visit your site 🙂

    • Hah, awesome. Just to let you (both) know, I’m now posting from so if you read often, be sure to check that out from now on instead of here. Thanks for stopping by, glad you like the blog :).

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