Meaning of (my) Life

I’ve noticed myself shifting focus from pure filmmaking and obsessively following that career to an idea of a business or cooperative that consists of all the talented people I’ve met that essentially creates projects by ourselves and others’ and is a hub of creativity that only ever grows, with the addition of new contacts.  I’ve been thinking more and more recently of bringing together all of the people I’ve met, from filmmakers near the West Coast to singers in Australia and Vermont, to work on projects together, and all form a creative team of people working toward creating one solid piece of work that really doesn’t depend on money or star power because of its content and the quality of work that goes into it.  I find myself thinking more and more about creating a production company, somewhere down the line, that brings together all sorts of talented people that I’ve met over my life from singers and musicians to actors and dancers even, writers, directors, technical equipment and computer operators to pure business minds for successfully navigating the power-hungry world we live in to show the world that bringing truly talented people together with very little money but a hell of a lot of spirit is really possible, and that it happens all the time now, due to the bridging of the physical distance gap by internet technologies.  I love meeting new people online, making new contacts and fostering new relationships with people all around the world that may some day become just a friend, or help bring a project to fruition.  It’s inspiring in itself, the fact that people can and do come together on the internet and create as great a piece of work as any small-time filmmaking crew can when they’re all in the same place.  I think it’s wonderful that we can collaborate like I did on the “Friend In Need, Friend Indeed” project with filmmaker Ryan Nord all the way out in Ohio.  Maybe it’s my modern idea of an originally hippie theory of community, but it’s a wonderful thing when people don’t even have to care anymore about the distance between themselves and someone else and they just do stuff.  Of course, I would love them all to be in the same place, in a form of town all our own, full of creative types that always, always, were making something new.  But the distance is often desired.  And I’d love it.

I guess I feel the most proud of having met so many extremely talented people, from Ryan, to the crew over at Stick To What You Know, to ElizaAnne, to Cliff Burns, to Alejandro Lugo, and tons of others.  I’m proud to know so many talented and knowledgeable people that know their stuff and can get things done.  It’s the spirit of doing things and loving what you’re doing that can really get things done and that I love to find in people.  I guess the production compnay title AnimiVirtus (meaning “courage of the heart”) is very appropriate for this.  We would not only bridge physical gaps but age gaps, utilizing musicians and actors from all over the world, of all ages, through such publicity venues as Myspace, YouTube, and other such sites.  Whenever I need music, I’d look through YouTube and Myspace at the unsigned amateur artists, as both a way to get some great music, and give the musician(s) some publicity for their talents.  I love the independent, small-time, do-it-yourself spirit that seems to constantly permeate myself and now the internet filmmaker community.  It’s a wonderful thing to see people just go “Wait, screw the system, I love this project enough to get it done no matter what, and I’m not stopping until my story is told,” and then they go out and do it.  It’s the perfect age for a company like that to come around I think.  And I love thinking of the potential that we could tap into if we approached a project like that.  Alejandro Lugo said it great in a recent email to me when he said “You have to love what you’re doing… if not, find another job.”  And the greatest thing is that so far, out of all the people I’ve met that I mentioned here, they totally love what they do.  And it shows in the work.

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