Meaning of (my) Life Pt. 2

It seems like there’s so much time and
talent going to waste when all these super talented people all over the
place that always seem to catch my attention, but never the attention
of people who have the power to make a difference in the field they’re
in.  I like to think that if I ever got to a powerful position like
that, I’d do my best to get people from the online mass into studios
and the like as much as possible, even if only for a trial run on me
(and hey, if I had the money, what’s the loss?  It’s helping someone
with their dream, which is always nice to do).  I like to think I’d
always scour YouTube and sites like it, daily, for new talents to call
my friends in recording and film studios and other places so the
talents could get to work on the things they loved and make a
difference.  That could revitalize the field so much, just constantly
adding brand new talents to the works.  I like to think I would even
use the same actors in different films, nor the same musicians, unless
I had a super close relationship with them or they really fit better
than anyone else.  But I like to think I’d continuously look all over
the world for talent that can sustain my projects so I don’t have to
depend on the constantly-recognizable faces of most Hollywood actors
and actresses.  Watching a movie with good actors I’ve never heard of
makes it that much better for me as a viewer, because I forget they’re
acting and it seems all the more real to me.  When it’s Nicholas Cage
or John Travolta, I can always tell who it is, and I always know, and
sometimes they pull off roles well, and sometimes they don’t.  It
depends, but I like to think I’d make my films all the more real and
well-done because they’d have no big stars in them, and so people
wouldn’t be worried about veteran’s performances or obsessing over
their favorite stars… they’d go to see a good movie for what it was,
a good movie, which is supposed to be what filmmaking is about in the
first place, isn’t it?  I guess what I want is in a way what happens
whenever you get into this field, since it’s just a wide range of
contacts that can be called upon to help out on projects in the
future.  And when you’re in this business, you meet a heck of a lot of
people, and most of those will probably be hungry to come back for
more, especially if they’re on the low-budget end, which is what I’ve
become more and more interested in being in lately.  It doesn’t have
the Hollywood glitz and glamor, and though it doesn’t have the same
distribution outlets, those can be well-found elsewhere with plenty of
audience to boot.  But also, what it lacks in Hollywood rep, it makes
up for with ferocious talent and just pure love for the work and the
medium and the storytelling of a movie.  It’s the telling of a story
through visuals and sounds, music, emotion, that make this such a
lucrative and engaging, passionate field for me to want to get into. 
That’s why I want to make films, and only finding this attitude in the
lower-budget films so far, that’s why I want to stick with the indie
community of making them.  After all, who doesn’t want to work on what
they love with people they love to work with?  That’s essentially the
goal, to do that for myself and then provide the opportunities for it
to as many other people as possible, as often as possible.  It would be
a wonderful thing to be able to make that many people’s dreams come
true.  I would love to do that, and make movies, for the rest of my
life.  🙂

2 Responses to “Meaning of (my) Life Pt. 2”

  1. very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

  2. Hmm, well thanks for the comment.

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