Google’s Brilliant

I know I’ve made a post about this before, but I decided to do it again based on this post I’d found on the Google blog earlier tonight.  Not only does Google provide the most efficient and effective free Email, search engine and tons of other services, it’s now going seemingly out of its way to accommodate whole countries!  It’s begun with Australia and their upcoming election on November 24, 2007 by posting on Google Maps the country’s candidates (in their area of candidacy), information about them, and links to their YouTube channels, blogs, websites, party sites, news stories, videos, you name it.  This was the most philanthropic and generously useful thing I’ve seen Google do since they begun their search engine campaign.

In other Google news, I found this post on the Google blog recently as well, advocating for a widespread and universal use of the the same API structure (correct me if I’m wrong in the terminology of this stuff, I’m no expert) for social networking sites (Facebook, Myspace, etc.) so that developers can develop applications that not only run on the main sites or sites with similar structures to them, but they can write one app, and have it run on all social networking sites giving them more users for their app, and the users more apps for their enjoyment.  Yet another brilliantly simple idea brought to you from the folks at from Google.  I’m beginning to wonder if there’s a pattern here… they’re just thinking simpler… maybe it’s time for me to go back to Legos and cookies and milk…

2 Responses to “Google’s Brilliant”

  1. i am just waiting for the google phone to come in the market!

  2. Hah, a google phone? Haha, they have a sweet sounding service here ( that they acquired from someone else… like they’re doing with everything else, heh. But for once I don’t want them to stop, really, even though they’re buying up other companies, I like what they do and I love their attitudes. They’ve been around for quite a while and haven’t had a scandalous corruption go on in the public eye… that’s pretty cool in my eyes, heh.

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