Mac OS X Leopard

Alright, check this out.  This video is the coolest software tour I’ve ever seen.  Time Machine is the best idea I’ve seen on a computer since digital video.  This is freaking sweet.  I’m looking seriously into replacing my current desktop (not the new one I just put together for video, the other one) with an Intel-based MacBook, which would come with Leopard installed.  I was browsing through the Apple site, just looking around, when I found this.  I watched it and am so excited to get Leopard on any Apple machine I think I’ll go insane with joy whenever I finally do.  Yea.  That sweet.  I’m not saying Macs are better at all than Windows, just having a portable laptop that’s this quick, easy and efficient at organizing and managing a high-activity life is going to be an enormous blessing when I’m finally out in Vancouver.  This is sweet… I can’t wait.


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