Feminine Opression

I would personally like to know why in a class like Sociology, we’re simply learning about the history and the psychology and the sociology of gender conflicts. It makes sense to approach the topic from such an angle in such a class, but think about it…if all we’re talking about is the history and the dynamics of inequality in gender issues, then who the hell is doing anything about them? Honestly, for me, reading almost two pages (not even), I got sick and tired of what i was reading, fed up with simply learning constantly, through life, about the damn gender issues that permeate our society. Right, I fucking get it that women were oppressed, forced into conditions they often didn’t like and were even more often unfair, but you know what, teaching me about it again isn’t going to make me any more sympathetic towards the issue! If you want me to get the point then fucking send me out to some women’s rights group so I can actually, you know, do something instead of just hearing about it and developing this intolerance for constantly hearing about gender issues. You’re being counter-productive by teaching me again and again and again about the same shit and not making people go out and do something about it. To be completely honest, I think it’s pretty fucking obvious that women have been oppressed, and there was a movement, and there still is a movement, but analyzing it in a controlled environment like a classroom is the entirely wrong direction to go now, I think. Technology changes wicked fast, and so I think should education techniques. We should adopt to the new society where most people can presumably k ow that at at least women weren’t treated well, they are fighting for better rights, and now things are getting better, but just learning about it doesn’t contribute to that effort, nor help anyone in truly raising awareness or really getting into the thick of the battle to see what’s really going on there. It helps us see the issues, sure, about 5 years after they’ve been through the tabloids and the press and had the time to get into some textbooks for us to read in class…but things have changed since then! And now I think it’s time to teach activism, not just analytics, in school…especially in a college environment, where you’re teaching them for their life, where they’re learning the most adult methods to grow up and live their own lives before they are truly on their own. It’s time in college to teach things like “Today and tomorrow we’re looking at the history of gender issues and how it affects us in society. The rest of the semester, we’re going to talk about ways we can make a difference, talk to people we know about what’s going on in gender issues around here, and globally. We’ll have guest speakers coming in from around town and nationally to speak about different issues, and every time we’ll have a discussion and follow-up paper, combined at the end of the semester with an activist project of your choosing, all relating to gender issues and the topics and people and instances we’ve discussed in class, as well as some broader brainstorming as to what can be done to help the society and the world in it’s super-fast changing movement we see every day. We’re making a difference, not just talking about it.” And yet, we don’t do that in my class. It’s about knowing your stuff, reading the textbook, and passing the tests. Sweet. Well I’ve got that part down. And while I’m at it, I’ll probably develop a little bit more of a dislike for hearing about gender issues because of the class and it’s lack of effort and energy to get me involved in something that actually matters on a larger scale than my presumably lacking intellect. Thanks, guys, for a casually wasted semester in classic Sociology 101.


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