Developers, Take Heart

Alright, well developers have all gotten files from designers as images or PSD files, which likely produced the well-known huge sigh from said developer, realizing they’d not only have to code the entire application to be created, but they’d have to code it to fit into the design specified by the designer.  So now…guess who comes to the rescue (and if you said Google, I won’t fault you, that wouldn’t shock me in the least).  But it’s not Google, nope, this time, it’s Adobe.  Wonderful Adobe.  The creators of my entire video workflow and some freaking great customer service and technical help reps too.  Anyway, they’re developing a new program called Thermo, designed and dedicated to bridging that gap between designers and developers, essentially enabling designers to take their own PSD files created for the application they’re designing, bring it into Thermo, and then convert all of those design elements into usable application tools (like scrollbars, text input fields, anything used in any old application) so the developer doesn’t have to fiddle with getting their coding to work for the design.  From always follows function, they say.  Well here, it seems the two get to go hand in hand, and that’s just the beginning.  Thermo, while the designer is converting their design elements like I said above, converts all of that design info into code for a project in Adobe’s Flex, their application builder for developers.  Adobe Edge Newsletter did a great informational (and promotional, of course) video on the new software, and even I’m itching to get a go at it.  And I’m no developer…heck, I’d hardly even fit into the designer category.  But this sure would be one heck of a fun toy.  If you want to check out the video, the link’s below, and after that, feel free to check out the Adobe Labs section of their to learn more about their projects-in-progress, like AIR, another new tool for developers, whose use still evades me, but I’ve only known about it for a few moments, and done very little research.  Enjoy the video, and let me know if you’ve got any experience with either of exciting applications, I’d love to hear some feedback!



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