Hello, Blacktree

(Mac only) This is a freaking awesome group of freeware programmers. Quicksilver for Mac OS X Leopard rocks my freaking socks off, as does Nocturne. They’ve got an iTunes-LAME utility as well as some other little freebies on their site… which has an awesome design to it as well, by the way.

Quicksilver is a fantastic keystroke-based, “unified, extensible interface for working with applications, contacts, music and other data,” as they put it on their site. It allows you to search for and open within seconds any application or file on your computer simply by using keystrokes… yes, that’s right, without even touching your mouse. It’s the ultimate in allowing you to “Act without doing.”

Next is Nocturne, their freeware utility to inverse or otherwise colorize your monitor at the click of a button (or by using only your keyboard if you’ve already been a champ and gotten Quicksilver installed) to your liking, usually accommodating the more sensitive eyes, changing the brightness of the screen, the color scheme of the entire Mac OS X interface, and generally the feel of the thing. Mine’s basically just inverted as of right now, though I had a preset earlier and accidentally hit the ‘esc’ key which reset the colors for m. Yea, how nice. So be careful about that ‘esc’ key while you’ve got the Preferences window open for Nocturne.

Awesome tools… OK, I’m not even going to try to cover that one, they’re awesome toys. So go check them out! The site’s linked to below, and here’s a quickstart guide from the wonderful people over at Lifehacker about Quicksilver, your new favorite toy (only for Macs).

Link: http://www.blacktree.com/


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