Productivity Day #1

What’s going on?
I’m embarking on a new experiment.  I don’t experiment much with life, but I’ve come across a few blogs and sites recently that have encouraged me to decide to switch things up a bit.  First Lifehacker suggested that I switch things up from ordinary to make life seem less boring.  They were right.  The funny thing was that at the time, that day had been the most out-of-the-ordinary, super-productive day I’d had in a very long time.  Next up came David Seah‘s blog and site with his compact calendar, and other life- and work-oriented planning mechanisms.  Those were great tips.  With that came recommendations of other social networking sites which I in turn subscribed to (Flickr, Goodreads) and can be seen here.  After those came numerous nights of sitting up late, watching documentaries or really bad sci-fi movies on the Sci-Fi channel and working through the masses of social networking sites, setting up profiles, adding networking applications to Facebook and integrating the memberships with my blogs (Flickr and links on the sidebar).  That was fun and all, but it started getting a little old after a while.

So what am I doing?
So here’s the plan.  I’m going to try to keep doing some constant things like working on some very time-consuming rotoscoping work (frame-by-frame animation) for a few contacts I’ve promised the work to, while keeping the rest of the days organized and planned so I know I’m getting things done at all times, even if I’m playing around a little bit.  I’m hoping that by keeping some constant things in there (like the roto work, and maybe even some kind of exercise) that I’ll be happy about getting solid, quantifiable amounts of work done on those, while getting other eclectic or just pressing things done throughout the day as well.  The best part about planning I think is that when you do it, you don’t have to worry about dawdling or about waiting to do things until the last minute, because you’ll have already planned it and been working at it over time.  I’ve got a fairly sizeable amount of work going into one Christmas present I’m giving this year, so that’s integrated into the plan already, with chunks of time given to both that and the roto work each day, so I’m sure to get them done, even if it takes a while.  The ret of the day is given to other things I need to do, and at the end of the day, I sit down in the basement, recap the day on the blog and watch a good ol’ documentary or two.  It should be fun, I think.

How am I doing it?
So far, I’ve only made a list of the things I need to get done, but I included in the list for today a mention of designing a bit more of an effective list setup for each day.  That way I think it’ll be nicer and easier to look at and read, and I could even create each one on the computer, if I simply coded and HTML form or something of it, and that way it’d be easy to see, read, and share if the need arose.  Maybe a PDF or some kind o editable graphic would be a better idea.  I’ll have to experiment with that one.  But that’s part of the plan for later today.  As for how I’m going about doing this, I laid out a list by hour, mostly, and decided that I’m waking up at 8am every morning (I set a recurrent alarm on my cell phone for 8am) and I then mapped out the rest of the day on a sheet of paper in a small notebook I’m from now on keeping beside my bed on a little table I made back in the summer of ’06.  This morning is all the experience I can give so far, but I woke up on time, quite read to start the day but not all that hopped up for the walk – my first item on the list.  I know that’s not a good start, but I think I’ll include that or something similar for the next few days.  I’m hoping this will last about a week and, what with the intrusions of work and school, I’ll figure out how effective it is.  So far, it’s been a good way to go about life though.  I don’t know about the structured eating times, those are a bit overkill, I think, but as long as I’m getting things done in an orderly and timely fashion, I’d say I’m going pretty well.

Next update…
As I said above, I’ll sit down tonight to write a recap of the day and decide what things about my method need changing, if any, and if at all, and I’ll do so.  For now though, I’m pretty happy with the way things are going.  Check out the links above, and check back tonight for the update of the day!  And good luck in your own getting things done methods and practices.


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