Productivity Day #2

A New Day
This one’s going to be quick since I already slept a bit past the regular wakeup time I’d specified for myself, and I’m about half and hour behind schedule.  However, I did plan more loosely for today, so I should be able to make up that time with something like eating breakfast or doing something else quicker than expected.  Maybe that’s part of the point of not planning rigorously like I did yesterday.

So what’s the plan?
Today I’m going to essentially get as much rotoscoping work done as possible, along with a few other things.  I set aside plenty of time for bringing my dad home and figuring out what he’s doing for the day.  Ad I’ve also set aside two big blocks of time for the roto work.  Those should leave me with enough time to get some serious work done on those projects, as well as taking a short break or two to revitalize my work ethic – since it is long, tedious work – and check in on my temporarily non-mobile dad.

Any changes?
Well I’ve laid out the list a bit differently, written it in pencil, and planned much looser, with more time around tasks and events that I did yesterday.  I think part of the reason I was a bit odd feeling about the whole thing yesterday was that it was so rigidly planned out, that nothing seemed at all spontaneous or new, it was all pre-fabricated.  Which can be nice, mind you, but in a personal life I think I need a bit more randomness.  So hopefully the more organized (and easily erasable) list format will be helpful today, and the extra time cushions will give me some sense of being more relaxed.  Although I did start the day late today, so maybe I’ll be wrong.

Next Update…
Today I work the 3:45-11:30 shift at work, so I likely won’t get home until around midnight, which is when I’d be going to bed anyway.  So I’ll write a little recap post before I leave and use WordPress’s cool ‘Post Timestamp’ feature to make it appear magically at 10:00, like the othes have been… more or less.  Just to keep up some form of regularity in an otherwise sporadically-added-to blog.


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