Review Day #3

I started this morning going pretty well, got some work done on a different task than I’d been working on, but it’s a Christmas present, so it’s necessary.  It’s progress made in a task that needed progress.  I did like how I set out the day, though, organizing all of the tasks I’ve got to get done, and then deciding which one to work on.  It’s a great way of organizing my life for more than just a day, which is I think what I needed to do.

I’d like some way of unofficially organizing the tasks in terms of priority, so I could get a bit more of a sense of what really needs to get done and what can wait a bit.  I’d also like some way to calculate or easily reference how much of a given task is already complete, and use that information along with its priority level to determine which one to buckle down and work on first.

Digitizing the Workflow
I’ve been digitizing a lot of information recently – contact information, notes and ideas written down and then pinned on my bulletin board, so that it’s not cluttered, and is easily accessible when I need it.  I’d really love it if I could figure out a way to do this for my productivity workflow, but I’ve yet to figure out an idea.  As I said in one of the previous posts, I’d really like to use as little paper as possible, avoiding as much clutter as possible along the way.

Final Notes
My main challenges now are to figure out a way to not create a strict hierarchy of tasks while still judging them by priority, and digitizing the entire workflow to ensure the most efficient and simple means of self-organization and productivity in my life.  But I’ve been going along pretty well so far, and learning a lot about the process and about the pursuit of effective, productive work habits.


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