Hotmail forwarding to…anywhere!

This is an excellent tip that I’m now going to use to finally check all my emails accounts in one place.  Pesky little Hotmail made the free version without support for POP, meaning no email forwarding from Hotmail to Gmail or Apple’s  Or anywhere, for that matter.  However, with this handy little tip from Javed Mandary’s blog, it’s stupidly simple to forward your Hotmail messages to your favorite email address, and only ever have to check one spot for everything, from then on.  I’m definitely using this now and definitely going to keep using it into the future.  Great tip, man, thanks a lot!



9 Responses to “Hotmail forwarding to…anywhere!”

  1. Nice tip. I have an old hotmail account and have recently signed up to GMail to use with my iPhone. This will work well for me.

  2. Nice. Glad you liked the post.

  3. Isn’t hotmail very 90s? I thought gmail was better now?

  4. Yea, I kind of thought that too. Gmail I do believe is better, however Hotmail’s my oldest account, and one I’ve given to old and whatnot, so completely abandoning it would not be a great idea. I’ve actually since changed my method to simply embedding a Hotmail gadget on my iGoogle page for quick and easy checking. Maybe I’ll do a little post on that at some point in the future (iGoogle).

  5. Can’t you set up a forward to gmail from hotmail?

  6. Nope, not at the time of this post’s writing. Hotmail’s pretty stingy about letting you use other accounts; they put Gmail invites in Spam most of the time by default. That’s why I posted it. Also, though, it should be noted that the web-app used on the blog post I linked to has a free trial period that expires fairly quickly, and after which doesn’t let you use its forwarding features anymore. So still no forwarding. I’ve since decided, though, that embedding a Hotmail widget in my iGoogle page was way more effective, eliminating the need for me to go to Hotmail’s site, or to set up complicated forwarding settings.

  7. Thanks for the tip. I haven’t spent much time investigating iGoogle, guess I’ll have a good look.

  8. sandeep kumar das Says:

    thank u.

  9. sandeep kumar das Says:

    thank u. i have not much time now to reply. please allow me to search an email.

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