Punk Rock Film School

I watched this documentary tonight called Punk Rock Film School which was basically about making a music video from no money, a garage, a band, and something to play the music back from. For those of you who don’t already know, I run the AnimiVirtus Productions group and blog about it over here. It’s basically a no-budget, high-standards filmmaking group that believes in self-dependency, efficiency and making something with nothing, which is a lot of what this short documentary was about. It was a cool thing to have going in the background as I looked up LightScribe media prices (have you freaking seen this!?) and Linux installers and other random things I like to peek into late at night.

Anyway… it was a good thing to watch, a bit reassuring that making video out of seemingly nothing but potential is still possible, and it’s not just an advocated joy of the past that’s now been overcome by fancy but cheap production equipment and lighting and rig setups for “pro” results. Sometimes making something from nothing just blows people away, and that’s why it’s so fun to make. It’s also just harder to get people with power involved, because there’s no money involved in the project at all. That’s really annoying. Anyway, enjoy the link; hopefully it’s interesting and even helpful to somebody out there.


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