New Year's Resolution

Well, it’s that time of year again, and though I’m not usually making New Year’s Resolutions around this year (in fact, resolution means image quality to me, not decision-making), but I was thinking about it today and had an idea.  I’ve decided I’m going to aim to create something every month.  One thing, completed, each month.  Nothing too ambitious, since it can be anything from making a t-shirt (all of 10 minutes) to writing a short story or writing and recording a piece of music.

I really love making things, be they crafts or websites, stories or movies, and I want to find some way to pursue that love on a small scale, but dependably, so I don’t come to the end of another year wondering what I did with all that time, having nothing to show for another year gone.  So that’s my goal; I’m going to make something each month, and it’ll be posted online in some form, depending on what it is (movies on YouTube, pictures on Flickr, crafts on…Flickr, etc.).  I’m excited to get to try making something each month and trying new things.

That’s really another reason for this goal, is the trying of new things.  I’ll try making some new food, try some new craft, try writing an idea that I just realized made sense to me, or something old that’s been percolating for years.  It’s basically a chance for me to create an outlet for my ideas and creativity, and the by-product is to show the world (or my friends and family, anyway) through the internet.  It’ll give me an outlet, a chance to branch out, and something to be proud of at the end of another year.  I’ll have something to show that I made use of my time, that my year was worthwhile, and that I’m proud of it – to at least some degree.  And heck, everything’s a learning experience, right?  So I’m bound to learn something from this at some point or another.  What are you going to do in the new year?  Share in the comments section.


4 Responses to “New Year's Resolution”

  1. THAT is a fabulous resolution. I think I’ll join you in that. Also, I resolve to stop being so damn antisocial and try to meet some people around Manchester.

  2. Good resolution, laddie…but if it was me, I’d be happy to come up with ONE worthwhile project a year (I’m a grinder, real slow worker). But stay creative, stay inspired and keep doing what you love, that’s the main thing. Have a terrific ’08, kid, and lots of luck with those projects, regardless of how many you complete…

  3. Cool idea! I think my resolution will be to, throughout the year, create a film that is a vast improvement over the previous year. In 2006 I was making movies with a couple of Hi8 cameras, and friends for actors. In 2007 I made great leaps in making movies with professional level miniDV cameras, and worldwide collaboration. For 2008…I think my resolution will have to be an online collaboration on a film. It will have to make me look back and say, “Wow, have I improved.”

  4. Blake- What a wonderful resolution. That is motivating for me too-your Mom! I will try to draw/paint/sew…do something with my creative side each week. In my busy life I need to set aside a time, whether it be while waiting on the ice rink for your sister or sitting at my desk by the window and drawing. I need to do more art…and it is the thing that gets lost in the shuffle of life. So thank you for the motivation. I know you will succeed in your resolution. You are and incredibly motivated and creative individual. I am glad to hear you want to try NEW Things…does this include foods too? HA,
    Love you,
    Your Mom

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