I’m All Over This!!

This is just a brief announcement about me, the blog and my writing that I’ve begun recently.  First things first…

1. The blog underwent a few large changes in the last two days.  I changed the theme yesterday and posted.  Then I posted today again, and while rewriting the About page became so dissatisfied with the layout I had at the time, I changed it again within a matter of seconds after the About page was completed.  That being said…

2. The About page is brand new and updated with all kinds of new little goodies of information and links, so go check that out!

3. I’ve become much more active on DeviantArt recently, my profile page being here, mainly with the posting of my short story series, trying to get a bit of attention for it, and talking to a friend I didn’t really know back home before I moved out here (funny how that works, isn’t it?)  So go check that out too, you’re interested.  I’ve also added a bunch of things to my wishlist there as well as my favorites list.

4. Speaking of website I’ve become more active on… I discovered a number of books I would love to read someday… so I listed them not only as Wanted ads on Facebook but on my Goodreads account in my to-read shelf.  Go ahead and check out my profile there as well.  I’ve also begun posting my short story series on there as well, to reach more of an audience and it has a nice format for organizing work as well, so I liked that about it.

5. Lastly, (in case you hadn’t noticed), I also updated this blog about 4-5 times in the last week, which is a big change from normal, as I’m sure you know if you’re a regular reader here at all.  It’s not very regular most of the time.  Well, there’s no big ambitious announcement to try to change that, I’m just pointing out that I posted a bunch recently… so when school starts for me next week and there are no posts for a long time, you’ll know why, and you’ll be nicely tided over until I get back (hint).  Enjoy!

6. I’ve also been working slowly at building up a wishlist on Amazon, so you can check that out too if you’re interested and would like to maybe get me something for my Birthday in August or Christmas… or even for no occasion at all!  (Note: there are 3 different wishlists for me, a “Big” one, a “Movies” one and a “Books” one.  All three are fair game.)  Another good gift-finding location would be my Goodreads profile in the “to-read” section, if they’re not already on the Amazon wishlist.  Hah, and here I am going on and on as if you cared about where to buy me presents from…

Thanks for reading, checking in, and I hope things are going well in your neck of the woods.  Oh, last note, I’ve also become more active on iLike… but I’m tired of copying and pasting links for the moment, so go check that new About page you were going to check out anyway, right?  Yea… it’s on there, just read through and you’ll find it ;).  Enjoy the changes and additions.

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