Moonlit Madness

Well, here’s lovely Chapter 3 in my series in the “Well… What Would You Do?” series. I had to give the overall piece of work a name the other day to submit it to another site, so I decided on that, because I kind of think that’s what the story’s about, in part, just playing with people (characters) and seeing what they’ll do in a situation. It’s a fun journey to throw them on, and fun to explore the parts of my mind I haven’t really let out of the hatch yet ;). Enjoy.

NOTE: I’m also splitting them up now, so you’ll get a brief intro for the story and then just click on the “Read More” link at the bottom of this post and you’ll see the whole thing, just so it doesn’t take up my entire main blog page. Otherwise, keep reading!

Lizzy stood there in the hot dry desert, dumbfounded. Alex was waiting for a sign.

“How did we not notice the sand from the doorway?” Lizzy was walking back to the back door now, curious at how she could have managed to miss the fact that they were in a desert, but still in the same house. “It’s like the whole house just got up and-”

The house had, indeed, moved. It was still attached to its backyard. The fence and the little storage shed were back there, the grass still green, though paling to yellow as the sun beat down upon its drying blades. The cement stairway down to the door was still there, the house itself was still there. But the little annoying dog that had inhabited it before was very silent. Either dead or gone, Lizzy thought. Either way, she was satisfied.

“What’s going on Lizzy?” Alex came round the bend and realized what was, in fact, going on. “How…?”
“How do you think?”
“I don’t know,” Alex was worried a real answer, a helpful answer, had been expected of her. But she merely shrugged and crouched down to the ground, feeling the cool but stiffening grass between her fingers. Lizzy looked down and snorted. She walked back into the house, leaving the back door open behind her.

Alex sat at the top of the cement steps, the skirt she’d put on pulling up to reveal, very plainly, the borrowed boxer shorts she’d put on the night before. Lizzy couldn’t help but laugh in her head. Alex just sat there, watching Lizzy as she stood at the counter, staring at the cupboard. Alex was simply waiting for Lizzy’s advice on what to do next. But she wasn’t giving any. Alex wandered down into the kitchen, looking in the fridge, in the cupboards, at the little stacks of microwaveable food on the shelves, the plain white dishes provided by the landlord, the cheesy (and crusty) old microwave, the burnt-out light in the ceiling.

“Why isn’t there any of that green stuff in this room?”
“I don’t know. I don’t even know what the green stuff is.” Alex cowered a little into the fridge. “I’m a little more worried about the fact that we’re in the middle of the fucking desert right now!” Alex whimpered a little and went to sit on the couch. And mope.

“Oh come on. I don’t see you coming up with any solutions.”
“Well I don’t know either, what am I supposed to do, solve the world’s problems?”
“Jesus Christ…” Lizzy walked back into her own room, forgetting the place was destroyed. She looked wistfully at her bed, then turned around, and, after grabbing her bags and pushing Alex to grab hers, then pulling her by the arm, she marched them both on out the door.

“Where are we going?”
“Do you think I know?”
“Well you’re moving so quickly, I thought maybe you had an idea or something.”
“Nope. Absolutely no clue. But we’re not getting anywhere by staying here, so I say fuck it. We’re just going. You know what – I want you to say it.” Alex paused, her eyes searching. “Go ahead, say it. Come on, I want you to say it.”
“Say what?” Alex shifted her eyes to the ground, slowly intertwined her fingers.
“Oh man, fuck it. Just say… fuck it!” Alex still stared at the ground, twisting her fingers and biting her tongue.

“Come on! Nobody’s watching you except me! Nobody’s going to care, you little boyfriend isn’t going to get mad, your little friends aren’t going to gasp – ‘Oh my! Let’s not be her friend anymore, she said the naughty, naughty, naughty word! God scorns her, and so do we! Away, Alex, away!” Lizzy drops all her bags and puts up her fingers in a mock cross, shunning Alex and forcing her face away. Alex lets a tear fall to the ground. She turned her head up to Lizzy as another formed on her eyelid, and it slid down her cheek too. Lizzy looked, for a moment her eyes saddened, but only for a brief moment. Then she grinned and furrowed her brow, “Come on, Alex, go ahead, just let go, let it all go and say-”
“FUCK YOU!” Alex had screamed it in such a high pitched screech that Lizzy, who’d been sidling up closer to her, had to shake her ears clear of the ringing before smiling brightly in Alex’s face.

“See, that wasn’t so hard now, was it? And guess what, nobody’s shaming you, nobody’s shunning or ex-ing or crucifying you for anything. Ready?” She pops in an kisses Alex on the cheek, “let’s go!” She grabs her own bags and heads off in the direction of the nearest dune. The sun’s its highest in the sky for the day, and both of them are swelteringly hot, devoid of sunscreen and completely completely burdened with bags of food, clothing and water, but Lizzy’s getting out of reach, so Alex grabs her bags as well and fumbles along through the sand, quietly letting her last tear fall and her face dry in the face of the piercing sun.

That night, there was a tiny fire going, consisting mainly of very small ripped pieces of cloth, a few twigs, and now the scraps of paper from a tortilla chip bag – their tastefully budgeted dinner. They each lay on opposite sides of the fire, tried to feel its warmth in the forty-degree desert night, nakedly wrapped in what few clothes they’d packed, and neither comfortably awaited a night’s sleep among the night creatures of the sand.

Alex looked over at Lizzy, her eyes glittering dimly in the firelight. “Lizzy?”

Lizzy groaned in response, opening her eyes. The fire danced devilishly over the bright, wet globes in her sockets, appearing black but where the fire’s reflection glowed orange.

“Why were you in Vancouver? Were you going to school?”
“What? You want to make small talk now?”
“Well… I just thought, well since we’re out here… there’s nothing else to do-”
“How about sleep? I like that idea, I’m tired after the entire day of walking through the fucken sand. I don’t know about you but that, for one thing, is not the reason I came to Vancouver. Or went to Vancouver… who knows where the fuck we are now.” She shook her head, closed her eyes, and turned away from Alex, the fire played dark and taunting games of shadow puppets across her back. Alex sighed, alone.
“I’m not that used to sleeping alone. I haven’t done it in a long time. Since I started dating Dave, actually. That was so nice-”
“You slept with him the night you guys met?”
“Yea, it was so romantic.” Lizzy snorted but Alex pretended not to notice. She went on, “I worked in a coffee shop and he was a regular guy. He was so adorable, we all had a crush on him-all the girls in the store I mean. Anyway, so one day he came in and I just happened to mention that it was my birthday and I’d be taking the day off, and if he wanted to he could take a walk with me or take me out to dinner or something, you know, politely of course-”

“Of course,” Lizzy was trying not to let her annoyance show, nor her inability to keep herself from giggling sarcastically to herself. Alex seemed not to notice. If she does, she probably thinks I’m agreeing with her. Romantic sex on the first date my ass, Lizzy thought to herself, and Alex just kept going on and on…

“…so we met that afternoon for a walk around the piers, he showed me where he’d done a few photography trips with friends, he wanted to show me this cliff for some reason-”

Maybe he wanted to push you off of it.

“-but we couldn’t make it up there, it was closed off or something, I can’t remember… Anyway, so then we walked some more around the amusement park – I just love that amusement park down there, it was so much fun when I was a little kid, but everything looks so much smaller now, I don’t think I could do it again. I’ve grown up since then, hahah!”

Oh, I’m sure. What with your first-date-sex and whatnot, yea, I can see that.

“So then finally it was dinner time and we went to this cute little restaurant by the side of the ocean, and he payed for everything-”

Oh, that’s why the sex on the first night. I get it.

“-he’s such a romantic guy. We walked around by the edge of the ocean, and you know what, you know what he told me, he said my eyes were deeper than the ocean and bluer than the sky! Oh I could have died-”

Lizzy quietly turned onto her back and whispered to herself, “So could I.”

Alex paused, then sat up, “Well if you don’t want to hear my fucking story then I’ll leave you alone, but you’re not going to die and you’re certainly not going to push me off a cliff!” She fell back down straight into her bedding area, fast asleep.

Lizzy lay in her bed, eyes wide open, completely still, a tear forming on her eyelid and rolling down her cheek. Her eyes glinted white in the firelight, and her chest stopped rising and falling.

The sand caved in below her and swallowed her up whole, reaching its arms up around her waist, pulling her hips first into itself, as if it were a long-deprived male spirit, yearning for completion in the lonely and cold desert night, under the nearly black sky, riddled with tiny white spots of light upon which Lizzy looked and felt her body fill with a feeling of despair and hatred, the stars appeared to be dying before her eyes, massive explosions only glimmers of light from such a far off world. And just as the very last star disappeared into the blackness, it occurred to her that she might not even be on Earth anymore, and when she thought about it, there was no moon out tonight, and then the sand swallowed her, and everything was still and silent, and Alex lay resting, at peace, until the sand leaped up out of its hiding place in the sand and reached out for her at which point-

Lizzy woke up, sweating and hot in the sun, barely above the horizon but already was scorching her skin. She looked over at Alex’s bed, where she was still sleeping, tiny beads of sweat having formed on her top lip and her nose, shivering when she breathed. Lizzy jumped up and looked at the sand around her, and around Alex. She looked up in the sky and saw the moon, with something of a ring around it, or maybe it was a hole inside the moon, or just a shadow, she couldn’t tell.

“Oh man, it’s this hot out already?” Alex sat up and wiped her face with her shirt, leaving little stains of sand and dirt and grime on it. She whimpered at the ruined piece of clothing. Lizzy turned her head toward the sky.
“What’s that look like to you?” She pointed to the moon.
“The moon.”
“Well yea but what else? There’s some weird looking halo or some shit around it, it looks weird but I can’t tell if it’s just a shadow or a bunch of stars or something from the sun…”

“Umm…” Alex twisted her tongue around in her mouth and bit at the tip of it. She shifted her eyes between Lizzy and the moon, the sun and the water jug on the ground. Lizzy looked back at her, “It looks kind of like… a halo. Yup, that’s what it is, I think.” Lizzy shook her head and began rolling up her clothes she’d used for her bed. “But Lizzy… why would the moon have its own halo?”

“I don’t know, Alex, you tell me.”

A strange grin formed across Alex’s face, “Maybe it’s because it feels bad for not being here last night to light up the scene, or maybe it thinks it missed a scene…”

Lizzy looked up at her, “What?” Alex was crawling up to her now, “Alex what are you talking about?”

“Let’s give it the show it thinks it missed. God knows nothing happened, but apparently it doesn’t, and I missed those tentacles when they were at the house, they left before I had the time to do anything…”

“What the fuck? What are you-”

Alex put a finger to Lizzy’s lips, “Shh, don’t talk, Elizabeth.” Lizzy whipped up and smacked Alex across the face as hard as she could.

“Don’t you ever fucking call me Elizabeth!” Alex flew across the fire, which still had some embers in it, and one fell underneath her leg. She lifted it up, surprised at first, then smiled and pressed it against her tongue, her mouth now oozing blood. She threw the now-doused ember back into the fire pit and launched herself at Lizzy, forcing her down to the ground, and kissing her maniacally. Lizzy protested, pushing at her hands and face, shoving against Alex’s body, but with every shove, she felt herself only pulled deeper and deeper into the sand, as if it were swallowing her – again. She pushed and pushed, suffocated by Alex’s nonstop kisses, and realized that in order to simply breathe, she was going to have to play along. She kissed back. She grabbed Alex’s head and pulled it closer to hers, their jaws jutting into each others, Alex’s blood dripping onto Lizzy’s face, sliding down her cheeks. Alex licked up the side of Lizzy’s face, leaving a long charcoal mark along her cheek. Lizzy went for the neck, as did Alex, and both of them reeled back in ecstasy.

“You told me you weren’t a lesbian, Lizzy. I guess you lied.”

“Yea well, nobody’s perfect.” She launched herself up and onto Alex, the two of them sat in the middle of the fire pit, rolling around in the embers, sparks flying and blood dripping, the charcoal painting their bodies and their tongues providing the salve by which it turned to paint. They ripped the clothes from their bodies, peeling away from the salty sweat-stained skin the cloth they’d once thought so important in keeping them decent. Alex, having rolled Lizzy over onto her back, slowly slipped herself down to her feet, then, kneeling at Lizzy’s feet, she let her arms spread outward as the sand leaped up out of the ground and wrapped its arms around her, pulling her toward it as if it were that insatiable old man again, trapped in the lonely desert forever.

Alex didn’t even flinch, but Lizzy did, and it woke her up. She opened her eyes again to the blinding light of the sun, and after sitting up and rubbing them enough to get them used to darkness again, she opened them slowly and saw Alex sitting in front of her, just as she had been before, only clothed.

“Good morning.”
“Uhh… hi.”
“So what do you want for breakfast?”

“Umm…” Lizzy looked around, noticed she was still naked after her dream, and somehow covered in charcoal and – was it? – blood. “What the hell happened to me?”

“I was going to ask that myself. I woke up and you were in the fire pit, wriggling around and giggling, so I pulled you out and put you back here, but you didn’t have any clothes on. I don’t know why.” Lizzy just looked around, thoroughly confused. “I’ll tell ya, it’s probably the weirdest wake-up alarm I’ve ever had!”

“I’ll bet…” Lizzy crawled to her bag to grab some clothes, she put them on, but hesitated. “When did I fall asleep last night? What were we talking about?”
“Talking? Oh, we didn’t talk…”
“I’m not really surprised you don’t remember, you drank enough to knock out a cow, but we didn’t talk. You started trying to show me the moon and the stars, but you kept falling down, and mumbling, oh you were so adorable.”

“What? You mean we-”
“Made love? Well… I wouldn’t exactly call it that, but it was wonderful. I’ve never felt so liberated!”
“God damn. I think I liked you better in my dreams.”
“What? What dreams? What do you mean? I just have such a thing for drunk people I guess, I don’t know, I just can’t resist sometimes.”

“Yea, definitely better in my dreams.” To Alex’s credit, Lizzy’s head really did hurt. A lot. But she couldn’t remember anything else. Somehow she felt happier though, than the day before, knowing that her dream had been partly real. Still, she couldn’t help thinking, I didn’t mean really fuck me… it’s just an expression… dammit. Now she’s going to be even more fucking annoying until we find Dave. If she even wants him once we find him again. Oh God… She turned around, but saw nothing. She turned around and still saw nothing. Alex, and the camp, were nowhere to be seen. “Alex?” She looked again, the moon was in the sky, her body was covered in charcoal, and the sand seemed to move down by where the camp had been. She ran and sure enough, a hand popped out of the sand a bit, then sunk back in.

“Alex!” She reached in and grabbed the hand, but pulling as hard as she could only proved she was strong enough to dislodge a hand. She reached in again and pulled again, but this time it was an arm. She reached in as far as possible, her own face pushing against the quicksand, but this time, she pulled up something covered in hair. She moved the hair out of the way and Alex’s head stared at her from behind the crusty mask of wet sand. It looked lifeless, but then its eyes opened. “Hi, cutie. Wanna cuddle?”

And then Lizzy woke up. Really. She pinched and punched and bit herself just to make sure. She was definitely awake. The only problem now was, when she’d punched and punched and bit herself, something had come off on her mouth, and on her fist, and on her fingers. It was black. It was–charcoal!

“Oh, fuck.”

Alex sat up from her bed, wiping her groggy eyes. “What? What’s going on?”

“What’s all this? What was the last thing you remember from last night?”

“Umm… I was talking about Dave and me and you started snoring.”
“Good. So then what the fuck is all this?”

Alex crawled over to look at the black stuff all over Lizzy’s skin. “Take your shirt off.”
“What?” Lizzy jerked her head around to face Alex.

“Take your shirt off, it looks like a design or something, but your shirt’s covering it. I can’t see it all.”

“Oh, alright…” Lizzy took her shirt off, sliding out of it and being glad to do so, the warm sun beat at her body but the air was fresh enough to give it clean breaths. She liked the freedom she felt.

“Uhh… Lizzy?”
“It looks like a… like a guy covered in sand… sort of. I don’t know, it’s weird. It’s creepy though. Hey, this one looks like me, and you, and – oh my…”

“What? What’s ‘oh my’?”
“Umm, well, we’re in the fire pit and-”
“Shit. Grab your shit.” Lizzy threw her shirt back on and rolled up her bed, shoving it back into her bag and closing it up. Alex moved over to her stuff.
“What are we doing? What’s going on?”
“Just get your shit. We’re leaving.”

And they did.

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  1. Good looking blog–nice to have a diversity of templates to choose from but also somewhat daunting to find the right “fit”. But I’d say you’re on the right track and with your serial novel as well, the characters growing into themselves. I like that there’s lots of dialogue, much can be gleaned re: characters just from their word choices, manner of addressing each other. Negates the necessity of long, boring descriptive passages. Keep with it, see where it takes you. You’re on your way…

  2. Great great Great … You are a crack ( we say here)
    a very hard work in a web and you travel so much…. congratulations… I´m a young who ´s lost in a foodtube web and I appear in your Page…… your family looks fantastic… a cuestion please: but ¿how many work on your web ? wELL SORRY MY ENGLISH I´m a spanish (basque) people and I have to practice more….. I´ll do ….. This country is great too so you could come here to take photos … ok bye I´m a food tube

  3. Thanks! I’m glad you liked the story and the rest of my stuff online. How many work on my website? Meaning this blog? Just me. Actually I’m the only one who works on all of my websites or profiles or whatever I have online. I don’t really work much on many of them, and I haven’t written more in this story for a while now, but it’s all me, if that answers your question. I speak spanish so go ahead and ask questions in spanish, I might understand them. Thanks for stopping by.

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