Microsoft’s not Cool?

Last I checked, Microsoft made Windows XP, which in my mind is still a go-to for all-around computing. I’d even feel safe saying it was a good “anything to anyone” OS. To me, Microsoft is cool enough. Until Vista.

However, I also hadn’t thought about the fact that they really don’t have any ads…anywhere! When that occurred to me, during the reading of this article, I was glad that someone with apparent success (Alex Bogusky) so far was stepping in to help ’em out a bit. Personally, I like the Windows feeling of complete control you get when operating one of their systems. I’ve read that Apple cleverly hid lots of system settings out of the average user’s way, and agree that it’s a smart idea. However, I feel pretty competent on most machines, and like the layout of a Windows machine. I’ve also been raised most my life on Windows, so my fondness may spring partly from that. Either way, I’m interested to hear/read/see what Bogusky comes up with for the mega-company. via Thebestcasescenario.

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