Productivity Hobbyist

A while back I tried a week of productivity blogging, keeping on track all week long, recording each day’s progress, and analyzing what worked and didn’t about each day. It was fun, but I wouldn’t want to run my entire life that way. I like to read and hear about productivity hacks and the habit-formers who go about changing their lifestyles to get things done in a more efficient way, thus one of my favorite blogs is Lifehacker. But I never really thought about my interest in productivity as a hobby instead of another habit-former. (I never really thought about my interest in the subject more than that week of productivity posts). But I found this article this morning (yes, on Lifehacker) and it has a good point.

You can get mired in Bible verses without being a Christian, you can watch The Biggest Loser while putting on weight, and you can consume loads of information without gaining knowledge. It’s also possible to practice the productivity hobby without developing the productivity habit. The former isn’t bad, but it’s important to remain cognizant of the hobby versus habit distinction.

It’s a good point, and one that’s a good thing to know about yourself and your interest in any topic. Just because you’re interested, you read about it, and you consume its related reading material doesn’t mean you’re actually contributing to the group of people who are creating that material. If you actively take part in a habit or activity, then you’re more of a contributor, since you’re going through the motions as well. It’s the age-old walk-the-walk theory. Basically, just know what your level of interest is, and you’re good. I’m a hobbyist, definitely, though I like to try to act on that interest from time to time. But I’m fine with being a hobbyist and I’m content to know that from now on whenever I read more about the subject. I guess it comes down to knowing yourself, just to clear up any misconceptions or false-glorification you might have created in your mind.

Have fun, hobbyist or not :).

Hobbies are great. Having fun is, in my opinion, much more important than being productive.

Know thyself.”


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