Learn to Hack

…kinda. I found this article today and thought “this is cool.” So I figured I’d share. A professor in California teaches students about programming viruses, worms, etc., focusing on getting into the mindset of harmful virus writers with the hopes of creating a more open and intellectual field of anti-malware instead of the corporate-driven (and highly-priced) one we’re often forced into today. Cool idea, cool dude. I agree with the writer at The Cyberpunk Review, where do I sign up?


2 Responses to “Learn to Hack”

  1. saint fu Says:

    tp of the day to you.i really appreciate your effort to teach hacking.i would appreciate if u send mi complete details on how to hack passwords and usernames of webmails e.g webmail.icehuse.net.
    secondly i would appreciate if you can give mi astep by step process to use php to design a mailer that cans end mails to all top domains.
    expecting to hear from you soon.

  2. Haha, well thanks for stopping by, but I’m afraid you’re going to be disappointed. I have nothing to do with this professor or his classes, or hacking at all, I just found an article about it and thought it was cool, so I posted this about that. If you want to learn hacking… I don’t really know where you’d look, but I’d bet there are plenty of resources out there that are pretty easy to find.

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