Movie Review: Transsiberian

Transsiberian was a decent film. Pretty basic storyline, nothing out of the ordinary, really, but the environment was kind of cool, and not too common (plus, cold wintry surroundings are best I think for isolation, insanity and murder movies, just watch 30 Days of Night).

The film stars Emily Mortimer, who I’d only seen previously in Match Point as a supporting character, so it was cool to see her successfully pull off a lead role; and of course Ben Kingsley couldn’t hurt a film if he tried, and he pulled off his unsettling Russian mobster role nicely.

Appearances are made by Kate Mara (Stone of Destiny), Eduardo Noriega (Che Guevara), and Thomas Kretschmann (Wanted, King Kong, Resident Evil: Apocalypse). And last but surely not least is the possibly best of all performance by Woody Harrelson as the clueless church-going missionary type husband to Mortimer’s character who, despite her obvious mental decline stands by her innocently – naively – through the whole film.

A decent watch for about two hours, good cast, good performances, and though a few times my rommate and I questioned the logic of the plot points, we didn’t turn it off. Worth the watch if you’re curious, open and not a film snob :P.

Rating: 3/5


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