New movie prospects…

Every now and then I go on a rampage for trailers and movie news around the web. One of the sites I like to check out the most is Apple’s Trailers site and Iwatchstuff, partly for their news and partly for the accompanying sarcastic commentary. Anwyay…here’s a bit of a roundup of some stuff coming out soonish that I’m interested in.


Just heard about this one this morning, but it looks like a goodie.

Julie & Julia

Could be entertaining, looks like a fairly un-intellectual or brain-demanding film, something to laugh at when you don’t feel like doing anything else. Also, I like cooking :P.

The Girlfriend Experience

No, not because the lead chick’s a pr0nstar, but because I like indie romance flicks. They’re cool, even if not entirely realistic, they’re better than falese-hope-ridden romantic comedies or cheese-goo-filled-Twilight-like mustard cakes. Alright fine, and partly because the lead chick’s a pr0nstar and she’s sexy :P.

The Hurt Locker

Could be pretty sweet if it sticks to how the trailer defines it – a sort of small, almost more hardass drama-type film than an action flick or chest-pounding army promotion.

The Boat that Rocked

Good fun, good cast, cool sounding rebel story. Always good stuff for me.


Gonna be sweet. Space movies are cool. Space dramas are cooler. And psychological unsteadiness seen in progression is cool. All of them together…you get the picture.

Paper Heart

Another indie romance thing. Looks like good fun, and I’ve like the cast so far, so it’s got some points.

Where the Wild Things Are

Used to be one of my favorite children’s books of all time. I loved this when I was little, and I really like the look of the trailer so far. I was iffy about Spike Jonze at first, but after seeing the trailer I’m giving him a bit more credit. Maybe his sort of hard-real style will pull this off well. Next up for him…Harold of the Purple Crayon :P. Hah, yea, I wish.

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