Blog Design Update

Well, as you no doubt noticed by now, the blog has been redesigned. Again. Well…sort of. There were a bunch of things that were bugging me about the other design: it was getting too small for the kinds of content I was posting (images and videos didn’t fit that well in the roughly 375 pixel wide content area); it was really dark, really contrasty; the image was bulky and took up a lot of space; the sidebar didn’t exist anywhere but the main page (which is weird in itself, but I just messed up the original coding and couldn’t figure it out so I gave up and made it my design’s ‘style’ at the time, heh, yea I know, cheap, but what’re you gonna do); lots of little design things, plus a bunch of stuff about the way I’d coded it to begin with was weird.

It was my first WordPress theme, after which I went on to follow Drew Douglass’s tutorial series on which is a much more in-depth series getting into the nuts and bolts of making a theme, and learned a bunch more about the way themes work, which gave me the confidence to tackle something a bit more aggresively (thus, the AnimiVirtus redesign was brought to life). Not to discredit the original tutorial I’d followed, that’s great as well, just a different approach.

But all that aside, it’s a new look, an upgraded feel, and hopefully I can start implementing some more exciting widgets and whatnot in the sidebar, give a more social and dynamic feel to the place. I’m hopin’ a Twitter feed, maybe iLike and GoodReads feeds too…who knows, maybe I’ll get curious and learn how to add another sidebar on the right someday…

No…no I can’t do that…I’m a busy guy…I’ve got other responsibilities…

But it calls to me….[Sidebar: Blaaake…Blaaaaaaaake…BLAAAAAAKEE!!]. Oh…that’d be my roommate telling me to get back to work. See ya’ll later, enjoy the new look and keep comin’ back, I’ll keep up with content as it’s been coming recently, and when I get the time I’ll work on adding some more cool stuff to the site. See you next post :P.

One Response to “Blog Design Update”

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