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Professionalism? Respectability? …Anyone?

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The big leagues need a fresh breath blown through them. How is it appropriate to go to a professional event – like Cannes, for example – and get shitfaced when you’re supposed to be promoting your work, your skill and your responsibility when it comes to your trade. Shitfaced and responsibility don’t really correspond in my mind. Don’t get me wrong, there’s definitely a place for partying and letting go, even at Cannes, but when that’s the only message you send across, it’s time to reevaluate your attitude.

FILM GUY #1: Finally, after all our hard work, we have an actual, completed film that tomorrow morning we’ll be showing at Cannes. Cannes, baby!
FILM GUY #2: We made it, old friend. Cheers!
FILM GUY #1: My life’s dream has been to see my very own film on the big screen, and tomorr- *TSSSS* AHHH! MY EYES! MY EYES! WHAT’S HAPPENING?
FILM GUY #2: Paris Hilton is spread eagle doing shots on a table! Get down!
FILM GUY #1: I can’t see! I’m blind! I’m blind! NOOOOOOO!

Film Guy #1 never regained his sight. While in the hospital, Film Guy #2 revealed he was really a gay astronaut who sold babies on the black market to finance their film. Because this is a story about Cannes and those movies always have really fucked up, depressing endings.


Cannes exists as a showcase, a professional atmosphere to show your work, be proud, meet people and get recognition for hard work done to achieve what’s often a very deep dream of the creator(s). To me, it’s not only irresponsible to yourself, but it tarnishes the reputation of the event itself when you go as a guest and get drunk, party loud and hard, play out the typical party-monster-from-Hollywood role. I don’t care if “that’s Paris Hilton’s personality” or “that’s all she’s known for, what else would you expect?” It’s not appropriate in the public eye at a professional event like Cannes; it hurts the festival, it affects the other guests and it affects the outside audience who reads about it afterward.

I suppose, in the end, it’s really a matter of being self-aware, and aware of the context you’re in at any given time, and then knowing the boundaries of said context. Maye that’s asking a lot, but I think it’s required, especially of people with public images like Paris Hilton and Doug Reinhardt who’re constantly scrutinized, analyzed and spun by the media.

via The Superficial.

Marilyn Manson & Bill O'Reilly

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I can’t stand Bill O’Reilly interviews. I hate the standpoints, the badgering, the ultimatums he gives his interviewees, everything. Conversely, I like watching Marilyn Manson interviews, partly because I think people like him who are quiet but clearly have something to say deserve to say it, and because the ones with him are always intelligent and interesting. This interview is the best interview I’ve ever seen with either of them. If you can’t stand O’Reilly, don’t worry, this puts that reputation to rest for once, and gives Manson the greatest opportunity I’ve seen so far to say what he wants to say in a TV-friendly way. Check it out:

Cool Artists

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Pretty cool: *VampirePrincess007, *NorthernBanshee, *racoonnook, *iumazark. Enjoy :P.

Gothic Elvis

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This morning provided a few Myspace musical friend requests, and this was one of them:

Initial reaction: ‘OMG, it’s like a gothic Elvis!’ Not too shabby either, the hair threw me for a loop, reminding me of Davey Havok in the Art of Drowning era, but that was excusable… the music was great. However, upon listening, my worries were set aside. Interesting combination of Elvis, HIM and Breaking Benjamin. Cool.

DIY Lightbox

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I wish I had teachers do cool, simple stuff like then when I was in school. Not only is it cheap and gets the job done, but it’s something the teacher took the effort and initiative to do outside of the classroom in order to teach more adequately the material to their students. In general, I think creative, crafty teachers are some of the best kind, and maybe it’s overkill to applaud them, but after the last year of making fruitless tuition payments, I applaud them whole-heartedly. Way to go, bigtreehouse!

The goal was to make a light box for my students to use that didn’t cost me an arm and a leg. Went to the second-hand store and found a florescent light… ($4.99 with 50% off) then noticed a suitcase/briefcase ($3.99 with 50% off). I got them both and started thinking of ways to put them together.

Instructables via Lifehacker.