Free Comic Book Day booty

I went to free comic book day yesterday, a bit later than I’d hoped, which is probably why they didn’t have Hellblazer Vol. 2 or Courtney Crumrin Vol. 4 (though that one’s been hard to find anywhere so far), and it was pretty cool. People in costume, the fullest I’ve ever seen that comic store since I discovered it was there. Made a donation to their food drive, got some booty, bought the next in the Y: The Last Man series, overall it was a good trip.

I picked up a few cool things, which I was happy about (duh!) mostly because it was a very random selection and I’d never heard of most of what was available. So I basically just pointed at random stuff and they put it in a bag and gave that to me.

I ended up getting some cool stuff though, and am looking forward to reading it: The Overman #4, Young Guns ’09 Sketchbook, love and rockets, The Stuff of Legend (very excited about this one), and Hot Lists (a countdown of the best comic book-based movies), and of course Y: The Last Man #3 (One Small Step).

Take a gander at a photo of mah new shtuff after the jump.

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  1. […] series about toys saving a young boy from the Boogeyman. I read the first chapter I got from FCBD and liked it much. Added to the list, heh. The Overman sounds cool too, really cool art in there, […]

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