Reading update

Following up on that other reading material, Simon Dark was awesome, a great new issue, the worst part about this series really is waiting for the next book. Walking Dead is now added to my list of to-read series, a fascinating character drama that happens to take place in an apocalyptic zombie-ridden world. The original zombies, slow, stupid ones, not the 28 Days Later edition (though those weren’t zombies, I know, but that’s a widespread misconception that’s still best to be mentioned for clarity’s sake, I think). I really like the art in these books too.

I’ve yet to read the next DMZ, but I’m currently in the middle of Y: The Last Man, book 3, and it’s pretty sweet. Lots of high-tension, sort of a pulling-in-different-directions of the male’s storyline. Cool effect, and the art and narrative go together quite well.

To check out more of my reading interests, see my GoodReads profile.

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