Comic Review: Y: The Last Man #3 – One Small Step

I just finished book 3 in the Y: The Last Man series and man, did it kick some ass! The first two books I definitely liked, but I mostly regarded them as something fun to pass the time, something to kill some hours and relax a bit when I wanted a break from work or other things. Roughly 6-7/10 ratings, the both of them. But this third book is without a doubt a 9.5/10. It’s. Purely. Awesome.

Y: The Last Man #3 - One Small Step

It seems every chapter there’s a new turn thrown at the reader, something new that maybe you sort of saw coming, but it still throws into sharp relief what a predicament Yorick is really in, and it just constantly builds the tension until, near the end, I was literally asking the book “What the fuck is going to happen now!?” It was a tense, fully stimulating experience that I’d recommend to anyone and everyone into reading fiction in general, just to take a day and read through this thing, ‘cuz it rocked this series into one of my top slots for future comic-buying trips.

Rating: 9.5/10


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