Random Post

Ooooooooh maaaaaaan…….. one of my roommates is leaving for a year in Japan tomorrow, so his goodbye party is going on right now and it’s…really…really…loud. So I’m stuck waiting up until they either leave to go somewhere else, or enough people leave so they can turn the music off or at least down. But man…it’s loud. Good thing it’s Friday or the other tenants would probably be pissed too. Then again, who’s to say they’re not anyway?

Hmm…WoW’s not working on my Mac still, and none of the other games I’ve got are really worth getting into right now, so I’m left to…news…started running every day (well, every day it’s possible given my random schedule and Vancouver’s crazy weather patterns). That’s doing me some good for sure. That plus a bit of exercise in the morning and biking or walking for travel, I’m feeling good about it. It’s interesting because now, if I don’t get do physical activities during the day, I feel like I’m wasted – not tired, but like I wasted my body for a day, didn’t get the use out of it I should have. I love the feeling of being tired, exhausted, but knowing you worked hard and honest for a while, doesn’t matter what it was – running or moving, building stuff or working on a film set – it’s the wholly muscularly tired feeling you get at the end of the day. When I can gulp down a beer and not taste the bitterness, just feel the cold soothing and bubbling its way down my throat, that’s awesome. That’s the best.

Also…finished Y: The Last Man #4. Good book. 3 was the best so far, but it’s a fun series. Still on my list for sure. Also, I finished Walking Dead #3, great series, really cool character writing. You could replace zombie apocalypse with anything else with similar catastrophic consequences and the story would be the same. It’s human and emotional. Good stuff.

Gonna start looking for The Stuff of Legend, a darker Toy Story-like series about toys saving a young boy from the Boogeyman. I read the first chapter I got from FCBD and liked it much. Added to the list, heh. The Overman sounds cool too, really cool art in there, so I’m gonna check that out; gonna look into Brit, Battlepope and The Astounding Wolf-Man, all by Robert Kirkman, writer or Walking Dead. I like his stuff so far, and I’ve developed a liking for hardass, bitter ’80s British characters, and Brit sounds like it’ll do the trick.

And, of course, I’ve started Hellblazer #2, and I welcome John Constantine’s return to my consciousness. We tried watching the movie the other night and I couldn’t take it. I’d seen it before reading the books, but now I just can’t relate the two. Parts of the movie I remember and think are cool, but as an entity entirely separate from anything Hellblazer or John Constantine. It’s like they stripped it of its bitter, cynical, sarcastic, political, intelligent core and left whatever fluff was left in the movie. And believe me, there ain’t much fluff in this series.

Lastly – I guess – I started trying to writ again tonight. I’m picking up an old web comic idea where I left off with a friend about two years ago or so. We’d gotten two episodes written, but never got the art farther than a few concepts and then I moved and we dropped it for practical reasons. But I’ve been really missing writing lately, feeling something missing without it – kinda like those days without exercise I was talking about – and so it felt good to at least warm up a little bit, open the mind to the concept of writing more in the near future. I don’t know where I’m going with it or what I’m doing with it, for now it’s just an idea I like and want to give it a shot for a while, so I am.

Well, the roommates seems to have left. Thank god I’m not as tired as I was earlier, so it’ll take a while to get to bed now, and then I’ll be laying here and get hungry all of a sudden, and then I’ll eat and then it’ll be like 1:30am, and then I’ll watch whatever movie we’ve got in the player, and then I’ll drift to sleep. Late. Again. And wake up to the alarm at 8:30 reminding me of exercise and wish I could just stay on top of the schedule in the first place. Right. Well. That’s quite the update. Glad you read it? Good. Now go do something productive for me.


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