Music Picks

Randomly decided to make a music roundup today of some of the coolest melodic/folk metal bands I could think of off the top of my head that I listen to. Paganfest happened last night, I never got tickets so I didn’t go, heard Korpliklaani wasn’t good live, and being the band I’d be going to see, I figured it could wait. Also, money’s good to keep when you ain’t earnin’. But this don’t cost nuthin’, so take a peek through and enjoy.

Intergalactically awesome!

One of the hottest women in metal:

One of my favorites pre-breakup:

…and post breakup (mostly because Meadows of Heaven doesn’t have a video yet and this one’s awesome):

Because Ville Valo is awesome:

And because this live version’s so much better than the recorded version:

Also, this video’s sweet (but this one‘s even sweeter):

How much cooler does it get than antlered microphones!?

And viking musicians…who knew!?

one more because it’s a great song:

…and oe more because Herman Li is ridiculous:


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