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Nerd President

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Found this via Gawker. Awesome. My kind of humor and subject matter, great fun to see the president recognizing and enjoying the humor as well. It’s a good beginning.


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Oh yea. Just call me 1337. …Anyway, I found a few classics remixed on YouTube today, just perusing, and thought I’d do a roundup and share. Points for remembering where they’re from before checking out the link. Oh, sorry… P01N7S. Yea. Those.



Okay, they’re not all classics, but they’re well-known. Here are the older ones…



Transformers Advertising

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Not a big fan of the movies, other than the superb VFX work, but this ad had me chuckling.

Via io9.

Inspiring Romance

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I had no idea, but reading this article I couldn’t help but smile. This is fucken awesome. The President, leader of a nation on the front lines of the world, makes dedicated, regular quality time for his wife and their relationship.

In his lock-step schedule, he sets aside daily “Michelle time.” And last weekend, he fulfilled a promise to her. They got all gussied up and flew to New York, took a limo to dinner and a Broadway show, then flew home. Date night, just the two of them. Michelle and Barack. And their security detail.

As far as the comment about it being a “staging of matrimonial contentment,” I don’t care; it’s the image, the message of being happy, making time for romance and emotion and letting go of the routine and the job for a moment with your better half. Someone who’s clearly got solid good intentions in public and private office is setting an example for married couples all over at the same time, “and a man who can do that can plan my castle onslaught any day!”

via New York Times

Hammer Pants

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Been a while since I posted…went camping, been working on projects, being bored and watching movies (the Phantasm series is great fun :P), but I found this via @feliciaday (yes, more from her) and had to share it. Awesomeness ensues…
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