Well, as you’ve noticed, the site’s been redesigned. Again. Somehow I just can’t stick to the “little tweaks are better than full redesigns” practice when it comes to my own websites. Maybe I just like the building process too much. Anyway… there’s plenty to do now, lots of cool new or different additions, and some stuff on the way.

The Header

Most obviously, the top header is my actual resume (recreated in Photoshop, but the text is real, check it over at my portfolio site). Thought that was a cool touch :P.

Also, the color bars are an actual swatch from Adobe’s kuler web-app, very useful in web and graphic endeavors. I use it all the time. I was trying all kinds of things design-wise and just wasn’t getting anywhere, so I just plopped it down on the canvas, liked it, and took it from there.

The floppy disk was a funny accident, I was going to make a Polaroid – very simple, very common on websites – and just happened to look at it a certain way and think it looked like a floppy disk. I have bunches of ’em left over from elementary and middle school, and a purple one just like this was actually sitting in front of me at the time. I looked down, chuckled, and thought ‘what the hell.’

The Body

Pretty standard left-aligned body section. I know, it’s small (only 479px content space, if you’re curious), but I work on a small screen, and since the blog’s mostly about me and I’m most of the audience (that I know of) I figure it doesn’t matter much anyway. Plus, it’ll probably get redesigned in the next 6 months anyway :P.

The ‘Older Posts’ and ‘Newer Posts’ links were cool. I’ve done little page curls in a few designs since these. They look better now.

The mini-business-card links to my AnimiVirtus homepage, the main portal of my domain and the place I’m trying to advertise the work-stuff I can do for people (if you or someone you know needs something, send somethin’ my way, I’d be happy to help out if I can). The Polaroids are just a cutesy way to get you to email me. About anything. Honestly. I’m lonely.

Lastly, the delicious section is the latest 7 links from my account, freshly collected and totally random. Enjoy the mix :P.

The Footer

Ah, the footer. Somehow it seems either really complicated or I’m really slow on the uptake to get Twitter posts conveniently embedded into a webpage. My method’s definitely not the most advanced, CSS only barely gets its hooks into these buggers, but it gets the job done for a first-time job. Maybe sometime I’ll look into better ways to pull this off, but for now you’ve got my posts, and they look just fine.

Next to that’s my latest work from my portfolio site, updated manually for now but I’m toying with ideas for making that automated. Maybe…

And the standard footer with navigation and info links. I even credit myself for the site design :P.

The Future…

If you read any of the blogs I’ve kept up (or not) over the years, you know I’m good at talking about things and less at making them happen. Well, some good news on that front is I’ve already got drafts of about 5 posts in various stages and seem to be coming up with ideas lately that don’t take away from regular life – often the cause of previous latent posts and unannounced hiatuses and such.
The Future
Nonetheless, if something does go amiss and you’re not hearing from me, email me here or with the cooler link above and I’ll try to put something out to assuage any concerns.

Thanks for checking out the blog, I hope you like the new look and feel free to send any comments or questions you’ve got about the design, the content, or anything else, and I’ll do my best to address them. Any ideas for better usability or functionality would be cool to hear too. Let me know, happy browsing :).

One Response to “Redesign”

  1. Really liked the bright colors, clean look of your new page!
    Your pictures – Easter – the bunny on Christ’s head and the basket I loved!
    Keep us posted on your work! We’ll be tracking you!

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