I Avatar-d Myself

Woah, long time and no update, sorry but I was busy.

Anyway, I was randomly inspired to avatar myself today, so after Googling I came across this post, and decided to try a few of the services.

My first attempt was with the Lego face builder, but not enough options and oddly-placed features (glasses and beards were too high), I left it by the wayside.  After weeding through the list I tried the Wild Self idea.  That was pretty awesome.  I came up with this guy:

Ibex horns – Your Ibex horns can grow up to three feet long. Unlike antlers, which are shed every year, you get to keep your Ibex horns for life.

Fossa Ears – Your fossa ears are a hunter’s best friend. They can help you track down your favorite snack…lemurs.

Bush baby nocturnal eyes – How well do you see in the dark? Now you have your very own night vision goggles, courtesy of your bush baby eyes.

Red Ruffed Lemur Arms – Your name comes from the rusty red color of your woolly body fur. It’s so soft that females use it to pad nests for their young.

Lesser bird of paradise wings – Your beautiful and elegant wings are from a bird of paradise. Most birds of paradise live in Papua New Guinea, where they’re so revered the nation’s flag bears their likeness.

White-throated Capuchin monkey tail -Your White-throated Capuchin monkey tail is called a prehensile tail. That means you can use it like an extra arm to hold and grab things, even swing through trees.

I guess that means I’ll be super stealthy at night, swingin’ through the trees, stealing ur babies with my dexterous hands, knockin’ you out with my horns and takin’ to the sky with my midnight snack :P.

Next, I figured I’d do a more realistic one for use online, so those are the other two I came up with on FaceYourManga.

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