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Stupid Packaging

Posted in Environment, Humor with tags , , , , , , on April 14, 2009 by blakejohnson

...and my cool wallpaper :P

I needed some new DVDs to clear off some hard drive space this weekend, so I went out and bought some tonight. Take a look at the space between the disc on the very top, and the top of the actual stack.

An Inch and a Half!

I measured it [yea, geeky] and it came out to 1.5 inches. Simplified, that’s room enough for roughly 32 discs, or roughly 150GB of storage missed out on because they stacked 6 foam spacers on top of the DVDs, then wrapped the paper wrapper around the whole thing to hide the empty space.

[foam] *thug* life

Awesome job, Maxell. Real heros, you guys are.

Note: I shouldn’t complain, I have the ability to buy and use DVDs at my leisure. Outside the store where I got them was a street musician who might have been homeless, but was definitely worse off than me. Plus, I got what I wanted to begin with, so it’s not a loss.

Gizmodo: Retire Your Gadgets With Dignity

Posted in Computers, Environment, Gadgets, Nature on February 5, 2009 by blakejohnson

Found this cool idea post today. Definitely useful in the old CRT realm of things. Probably gonna make use of this at a later date.